Gun Shy (2000)

26% – Critics
36% – Audience

Gun Shy Storyline

Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt star with Sandra Bullock in an outrageously offbeat comedy about what happens when a busy undercover cop suddenly loses his legendary nerves of steel. The only way Charlie (Neeson), a respected D.E.A. agent traumatized by a hair-raising run-in with some ruthless gangsters, can do his job is with the embarrassing treatments of an attractive nurse (Bullock) and the questionable psychotherapy provided by a highly unstable support group. And since he’s stuck in a deep-cover sting operation until he nabs a wisecracking, trigger-happy Mafia leader who scares him to death (Platt), Charlie can only hope to fake his tough-as-nails image long enough to make this one last bust … and make it out alive. Loaded with huge stars and big laughs — you can’t miss with this high-caliber comedy hit.

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Gun Shy Movie Reviews

great sublime satire…

what is wrong with this film? absolutely nothing. the story is MORE believable than analyze this to which this has been compared but there is no comparison-they’re both great movies in there own right and totally different genres. analyze this is a straight up fantastical farce where gun shy is a dramatic romantic comedy more in the same vein as whole nine yards (but done much better). the soundtrack is excellent (you can’t lose with tom waites!)the editing is wonderful(liam’s “perception” in the 1st scene is hysterical) and the storyline flows.

charlie and fulvio’s developing fiendship shows insight to the harshness of choosing a dangerous perfession and being born into it. either way you look at it, they are just two guys that hate their jobs just like the guys in the group sessions. wheather your a cop, thug, banker, lawyer, or stockbroker; life gets to a point where it all blends into an unfulfilling mess and you feel as if your drowning.

i noticed a lot of negitive reviews and am surprised at that. (like the gay thing-no one in this film is what they seem – get it?) maybe this is too complicated of a movie for everyone to enjoy. maybe hollywood has been putting out too much mission impossible eye candy that thinking about a movie and an underlying concept just shouldn’t be expected anymore. this is a funny, sweet, real film. give it a chance.

Slapstick Mixed with Psychology

GUN SHY is a peculiar movie, one that purports to have a significant storyline but one that splinters ideas all over the place, leaving the viewer wondering what all the fuss is about.

‘Charlie’ Mayeaux (Liam Neeson) is a bummed out DEA agent fresh from a bungled case yet given an important assignment to break a Columbian drug cartel represented by Fidel (José Zúñiga) and his boyfriend Estuvio (Michael DeLorenzo). Also caught up in this mélange is the Mafia represented, however reluctantly, by Fulvio Nestra (Oliver Platt), a nerdy but vicious bungler whose temper is uncontrollable, partly due to his insipid belittling wife Gloria (Mary McCormack) whose father demands Fulvio’s crime life importance. Charlie is a mess, meets a psychologist who introduces him to group therapy (where Charlie idiotically relates all the DEA secrets openly) and to gastroenterology where nurse Judy (Sandra Bullock) administers a barium enema then other more herbal-sided treatments while she and Charlie become bonded. People are maimed (gunshot castration), killed, made to look foolish, all to the end of supposedly belly laughs on the part of the audience.

True, Neeson shows a flair for comedy and Platt manages to convey a breakthrough role for him, but the rest is a jumbled mess. Made in 2000 with the Twin Towers of New York frequently visible during talk against Arabs and the Middle East, it is easy to see why the timing of this ‘yet another Mafia vs law’ film contributed to its short theater run (how many have even heard of it?). But in the final analysis it probably failed on its own merits – sad for a film filled to the brim with very fine actors. Grady Harp

Sandra Bullock was Charming in this Film

Enjoyed this film greatly, Liam Neeson,(Charlie), showed his great acting abilities in both comedy and drama through out this film. Charlie needed help in many ways and went to a head shrink and his group therapy friends managed to help him with Columbian drug lords and the mob, when things started to fall a part for Charlie. Charlie ran into Judy Tipp,(Sandra Bullock), who went along with his crazy ideas and got his mind off his problems by going to bed with her and making love quite often. There are scenes where Judy Tipp manages to get a tug boat in order to rescue Charlie and all his weird friends aboard. There are great helicopter pictures of Manhattan and the great skyline and our former Twin Towers. Sandra Bullock directed this picture and made this a very entertaining film. Enjoy!