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Mellowed Out Outlaws

Country singing legends Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Travis Tritt form their own posse to go after Sancho Gracia who has killed one of their friends, Waylon Jennings. Even though Tritt is a sheriff now and the other two are kind of mellowed out outlaws, they all ride to get even for Jennings and administer their own brand of Outlaw Justice.

I found elements of such big screen western classics as The Searchers, Ride the High Country and Valdez is Coming all mixed in with the plot structure of Outlaw Justice. All of these guys do fine jobs and create some interesting characters. But the holes in the story as well as the lack of credible motivation for some characters leave Outlaw Justice really lacking.

Paella/US Western about some gunslingers who seek avenge against heinous killers

Two aging super-quick gunfighters (Nelson, Kristofferson) re-form their old bunch to revenge the killing of one of the previous members . Spaghetti Western co-production between US-Spain filmed of course in Almeria .¨The long kill¨ also titled ¨Outlaw Justice¨ is an acceptable Spanish/USA co-production with passable writing by Gene Quintano and Imanol Uribe ; displaying a slick direction by William J Corcoran . This exciting Western is packed with noisy action and lots of violence . The movie contains gun-play, action Western , bloody spectacle and fist-fights . Starred by a diverse casting as the good guys are performed by American actors and the bad guys acted by Spanish players as Simon Andreu , Sancho Gracia and Tony Isbert . It’s an offbeat , thrilling and uneven Western particularly influenced by Sergio Leone , for that reason it will appeal to Spaghetti aficionados . American-Spanish co-production financed by Enrique Cerezo full of action , exaggerated characters, shootouts and drama . This is a surprisingly low-key Spaghetti Western set in the post-Civil War era in which some washed-out gunslingers (Kris Kristofferson , Willie Nelson) meet up with buddy (Waylon Jennings)’s son (Chad Willett) and join forces with a sheriff named Dalton (Tritt Travis ) and taking on a variety of problems and risks with the aim to get revenge . The gang find numerous complications when the baddies (Sancho Gracia , Tony Isbert) steal a bank and they are accused and detained. But they escape and go to Cottonwood .

This entertaining picture contains action Western , riding pursuits , shootouts and bits of campy and refreshing events with turns and twists , though contains a silly ending , including nonsense crossfire among contenders . It’s an improbable blending of standard Western , there’s a Spaghetti’s homage , with pursuits, high body-count and it’s fast moving and quite entertaining. An interesting casting formed by Country Western singers and full of American actors as Kristofferson , Nelson , Jonathan Banks along with Spanish players as Simon Andreu , Sancho Gracia , Leonor Watling , May Heatherly , Aldo Sambrell and Marina Saura ; all of them make this oater well worth the watching . Delightful Western in which two aging gunfighters helped by other buddies unite forces in order to avenge the death of their old partner . Using his wits , breaking all the rules and kicking virtually every cliché in the pants realize a killing spree , as they relentlessly rob and murder by means of some spectacular showdowns in operatic style . Amiable but sometimes lumbering Western goes on and on about the same premise , as minutes are superfluous , it has quarter hour of excess , as it packs some moments turn out to be dull and tiring . There is plenty of action and lots of stunts in the movie , guaranteeing shot’em up, fights or stunts every few minutes . The film bears remarkable resemblance to ¨Dollars for the dead (1998)¨ realized at the same time and in similar ink by Gene Quintano with same producer , screenwriter , exteriors and some actors . The musician Jay Gruska composes a nice soundtrack with catching leitmotif and well conducted ; it’s full of emotive songs and enjoyable sounds fitting to action. Striking cinematography by Federico Ribes with barren outdoors, dirty landscapes under a glimmer sun, and outdoor sequences shot on Las Tabernas, Almería, Andalucía, Spain .

Bill Corcoran’s direction is well crafted , here he’s more cynical and violent and packs too much action , but especially this moving Western contains broad violence and long shootouts . He is an expert TV director , being his specialty sci-fi genre as ¨Left behind II : tribulation force , Vipers , Rise of gargoyles , Atomic twister ¨ and usual episodes filmmaker of known series as ¨Stargate , Hope island , Mutant x , Kung Fu , McGiver ¨ among others . Rating : 5,5, riotous Western in which there’s too action and violence and enough excitement .

Watchable Western

Bill Corcoran’s film OUTLAW JUSTICE aka THE LONG KILL lacks the style of Sergio Leone, the spectacle of John Ford, or the rawness of Sam Peckinpah, but Bill Corcoran’s film is nevertheless entertaining and reflects the work of all these fine directors. Co-stars Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, who play former fugitive outlaws – Lee and Tarence, are getting a bit gray around the gills, and at times greatly stretch the view’s ability to suspend disbelief that these two old age pensioners can be the two fisted brawling outlaws they portray, but the actors’charisma, mutual chemistry, empathy for the characters, and some self deprecating humor combine to help them pull off the performances. Country singer Travis Tritt turns in a surprisingly decent performance as Dalton – Willie and Kris’ former cohort turned good guy lawman. The late great Waylon Jennings delivers a short but sweet performance as Tobey, another of Willie and Kris’ former gang members who’s murdered early in the film but resurfaces to deliver voiceovers in scenes where his estranged son learns about his murdered father through a diary. The film suffers from poorly played two dimensional villains (Sancho Garcia as Holden is especially stiff), big plot holes * *spoiler **(exactly why does Colonel Lupo want to capture Lee and Tarence so bad that’s he’s willing to pay a reward to a man he hates equally as much – Holden – and then let the two go?), well worn clichés, stereotyped characters and certainly doesn’t break any new ground in the genre, but for the stars’ fans and anyone who enjoys westerns – it is entirely watchable. I gave it a 6 out 10.