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Chinese Mack tells the story of Kung fu brothers, Chow and Sii, who agree to carry out a thief’s dying wish of taking stolen jewels to his wife. While searching for the thief’s wife, Chow and Sii find themselves in trouble with gangsters, who have been tasked with retrieving the stolen jewels. Before long, the two “Chivalrous Knights” are caught in the middle of a war with vicious fighters.

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The film’s average, but the cast is great

THE CHINESE GODFATHER Is a typical kung fu vehicle from Hong Kong, neither better nor worse than a hundred others you could mention. It has a fairly involving storyline which keeps you watching despite the predictability of it all, although the direction is a little sloppy and the fight scenes aren’t quite as slick as you’d hope for. It’s not to be confused with The Chinese Mack, also starring Michael Chan Wai-Man and made in the same year. In this film, Wai-Man romances a pretty girl but falls foul of a ruthless local crime boss in charge of all the gambling joints and brothels. Violence ensues. Shaw Brothers fans will be delighted to see Betty Ting Pei grabbing a large role here, but best of all is the presence of Cheng Lei, a remarkable-looking actor who always played a supporting hero role in Shaw films, as the muscular villain of the piece. The extended fight climax is something else.

The most clumsy Kung-Fu hero ever!

I can’t believe Tarantino showed this in a festival. THE CHIVALROUS KNIGHT was made in 1973 and released in Hong Kong 7/12/1974, because the Kung-Fu movies were so many that often the distribution was delayed in order to have an available theatre. No camerawork or screenplay required, even the action is terrible, and the presence of the unspeakeable Bruce Lee’s girlfriend Betty Ting Pei add one more touch to the ridicule. The final combat shows inserted animal-attack scenese taken from a documentary about wilderness. Michael Chan plays the dumbest Kung-Fu hero ever: after killing the bulky Cheng Lei, he makes a missteps and gets killed by a trap!!! Someone said this is the kind of chop-socky that can be fascinating for fans, well, I’m a die-hard fan of Kung-Fu cinema since 1973 and I saw this just one time, no wishing to repeat the ‘experience’. Released with a brief documentary about an event with Bruce and Chan.