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Excellent Cadavers Movie Reviews

A docudrama with the emphasis on “docu”

“Excellent Cadavers” is an HBO docudrama which tells the story of Italian hero Giovanni Falcone; a Sicilian judge who dared to take on the Mafia in its homeland and did more to rid Sicily of its age old scourge than any other man since Mussolini. As with most docudramas, this film leapfrogs through time hitting the historical high-points while trying to maintain continuity and build a dramatic tale. The result is a better history lesson than dramatic biography and a film which will play best for those with a specific interest in the Sicilian Mafia of the late 20 century. (B-)

Gripping recreation of facts

Because it’s based on facts, you begin to watch this movie knowing perfectly well what’s going to happen and what the ending will be – nevertheless, it’s gripping and deeply involving. The story of judge Falcone is faithully recreated – though too shortened for my liking – and does him justice. Chazz Palminteri plays Falcone much better than I expected, and while F. Murray Abraham does not look like the real Tommasso Buscetta, he does a fair portrayal of a “man of honour”. The role and part of Toto Riina, while secondary, is worth mentioning too – it’s truly frightening!

Well-done quasi-documentary

This film, largely created in Palermo, is a decidedly solid attempt, in a quasi-documentary form, at presenting many of the facts revolving about the courageous efforts of the Sicilian judge, Giovanni Falcone (played by Chazz Palminteri), to staunch the political power of the Mafia in Italy. Few real-life stories could be as dramatic or as meaningful to a nation as Falcone’s sacrifice for his country. Director Ricky Tognazzi, son of Ugo, kept this work within a tight and neatly edited framework. The acting was solid throughout, particularly by Palminteri and Anna Galiena. It will probably be of limited interest to those not familiar with the facts upon which it is based, but will reward those who watch it by its well-crafted performances by cast and crew.