Liceenii Rock ‘n’ Roll (1992)

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High School in Romania goes Rock’n’Roll

My father was crazy about this movie. Every time he spoke about it, he spoke with a certain melancholy in his voice. High school for him, in a communist Romania, led by Ceausescu, wasn’t the most memorable period. This movie was made after the fall of communism and it’s more like how high school is in my time.

“High School Rock ‘n’ Roll” is a fun, romantic comedy about a bunch of high school students practicing for a music competition, while trying to cope with school, teachers, relationships, love and sex.

Stefan Banica Jr. brings to the screen his natural charismatic self, to the role of Mihai, the lead character. His Elvis Presley moves and style made him something new for the Romanian public in 1992. Oana Sîrbu does a pretty good job as Mihai’s girlfriend and Cesonia Postelnicu is charming as Geta the girlfriend of the goofy Ionica. Ionica is played with energy and laughs by Mihai Constantin, making one iconic character in the history of Romanian cinematography.

On stellar performance is delivered by Tamara Buciuceanu as Isoscel, the math teacher, also the teacher in charge of the high school musicians and their class.

I love this movie, it’s beautiful and fun and it’s from my own country, and sometimes it’s a lot like my life. I wish there would have been more movies to this “High School” series.

Post and pre (Sorry for my English)

It is a good piece of cinematography indeed, should I say one for the ages, the modern ages if not the all time ages.

However, and I tend to disagree with Vincentiu, it is quite inevitable for this sequel not to lose some of that charm you talk about, some of that vibe that the first film of the series has. It is about new ages, of course, it’s about the age of jeans as Adrian Paunescu described the generations after the Revolution in 1989 himself. Still, this movie manages to keep that special element that made Liceenii series a collection of movies for everyone, young or old. And let’s deal with the fact that the heroes grew up. It is inevitable for some aspects not to take turns. But, I don’t think that we should not associate the word “sexy” with scenes from the film, it’s simply not the case.

New meets old, new tends to “overwrite” old and you can sense the scent of your beautiful Dana when looking in the rather vain girl’s eyes with her hands on the chess table, no matter who she might be. In the end, that’s what this film is all about.