Vlad Tepes (1979)

  • Year: 1979
  • Released: 08 Jan 1979
  • Country: Romania
  • Adwords: N/A
  • IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0141966/
  • Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/vlad_tepes
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Romanian
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Runtime: 114 min
  • Writer: Mircea Mohor
  • Director: Dumitru Fernoaga, Doru Nastase
  • Cast: Stefan Sileanu, Ernest Maftei, Emanoil Petrut
  • Keywords: ottoman empire,

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Vlad Tepes Movie Reviews

A nice little epic

The communistic states used historical films to make propaganda on their policy, as well as to promote national pride. Romania was not an exception and this film is one of the most interesting of its kind.

It presents the true story of Romania’s national hero, prince Vlad Tepes of Vlachia, a man who tried to reform his country and resist the Ottoman invasions, using every way available, no matter how cruel, in order to succeed. The idea is that the cause justifies the means and for this, Vlad Tepes was a perfect example.

Having cinema treating their national hero as a monster since 1922, the Romanians have every right to present him as a cruel BUT great leader, which he practically was. There have been other films about this topic but no other has approached so much the historical truth as this one.

Worth the trouble of watching if you don’t hate history.

Magnificent historical drama corrects centuries of misconceptions…

History buffs will be enthralled with this accurate depiction of the 15th century brief rule of Vlad the Impaler who became Romania’s great national hero. Stefan Sileanu is nothing less than great in the role of the ruthless, bloody sovereign who defied Church, tradition, and the obduracy of his fractious boyars in order to drive the invading Ottoman Turks under Mahmud II out of his country. But first he had to overcome entrenched opposition from his own rebellious and traitorous nobles. He accepted nothing less than obedience…fight or die. His uncompromising stand and dire punishments earned him his sobriquet, but after viewing this masterful film one is left astounded at his great achievement during his short reign. Bram Stoker has a lot to answer for in fictionalizing this astonishing patriot into a horrific monster. Anyone interested in the truth about this legendary personality should see this film.

Very good.

Seen this movie recently, didn’t even heard about it and I was very excited to find it one the internet. And it’s good. Finally, a film about Vlad the impaler, directly and strictly about him. No, vampires, no fangs, no sexy euro accents, no capes, no Van Helsing… thank Jebus. This is an historical film about Tepes and it’s pretty enjoyable. If you got chance to see this film, don’t miss it. Movies about Vlad the impaler are pretty rare, I saw Dark Prince (2000) with Rudolph Martin, the movie wasn’t that bad, but… they just couldn’t resist to put supernatural element in the film. In Vlad (1980), there’s nothing supernatural, and that makes this movie excellent. I am not from Romania, and I have read many historical facts about Vlad Tepes, I really don’t know how this film accurate is, but no matter, most of things are accurate and it’s because it was filmed in Romania and it is a Romanian film, and who else knows better about Vlad than Romanians themselves? And it’s in Romanian language, for which I was grateful, finally yo hear Dracula speaking in his native language. Actor who plays Vlad Stefan Sileanu is brilliant, with his powerful stare and rasping voice, he is the face of true evil and also true savior of his people. Watch this film, you’ll love it.