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In the series “Emmanuelle in Space”, Krista plays the lead role of Emmanuelle-an earth woman chosen by a group of space travelers to teach them about love, and human sexuality. Emmanuelle takes the aliens to such places as Las Vegas, Egypt, and Asia to teach them the wonders about sexuality. While doing this she forms a bond with the leader, Haffron, who falls in love with her.—Samstoye

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Beware ….

This is not a new film. It is a re-cut of 1994’s “Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy”, and it has been significantly truncated. Warning: Many characters appear in the credits that have been cut from the movie!

If you want to see this one in its original form, pick up “Queen” – avoid this one at all costs, as the cuts make it even choppier than it was originally.

Sci Fi Sex

Emanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy was a soft core series that ran on Cinemax several years ago.

Altho it had good looking girls baring all, and frequently, the acting was pretty stilted, and the effects often, of course, just silly.

There are many of these soft core series that are better, namely Bedtime Stories, Thrills, Pleasure Zone, and Beverly Hill Bordello.

If you just have to have a bit of sci fi with your soft core, I guess you could stand this. Of course, its not that likely to be rerun at this point, and I wouldn’t go out of may way to pay for DVDs if that is ever an option.

Um, perhaps only for Krista Allen diehards. Perhaps….

Okay, the only reason I watched this movie is because Krista Allen is in it. Since I admit to watching Days of our lives… I know her as Billie. Oh sure, perhaps there will be a reason to watch this movie.. that would be the soft porn area. They seem to exel at that. And little else. I would hope anyone renting/buying this movie rented it only for the sex scene’s. Because if they bought/rented it for anything else, say quality tv, they may die of a heart attack. This movie involves little imagination whatsoever. While I do have a good laugh at it’s stupidity, and perhaps I’ll buy it myself, I am but a fool. Rent before you buy on this one. 2 out of 10. (note I have yet to give a movie a 1 star. the sensual scene’s alone gave itself and up from a 1. if they hadn’t a straight 1 in the pot and I want a refund if it hadn’t.)