Arguing the World (1997)

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This documentary tells the story of a hotbed of Jewish intellectualism, New York’s City College c. 1930, and in particular follows the careers of four of the greatest minds to emerge from that environment. In following the divergent paths of Bell, Glazer, Howe, and Kristol, the film serves as a powerful record both of American intellectual history and of the peculiar role of a generation of Jewish thinkers in riding and shaping that history.

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The future???

I saw this movie for a Political Science class, and my professor was trying to make a good point. No matter what we think we are, or even think for that matter, things chance over time. Our experiences shape our thinking, and our thinking affects our experiences. The past can only be a guide, and even though we think something one way, does not make it permanent. However, the dedication these men showed towards their pursuit of discourse and political expression at CUNY is fascinating because it relflects the impressions of my class at the time. In a way, it is prophetic of us and of the pursuit of discourse: eventually, the discourse challenges those who pursue it. What happens after that, is up to each person. They can fold, stand tall, or accept and promote the challenge to others. But anything they do is for that great pursuit of political discourse.