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Finesse is the word to characterize this movie. It was done in the year I was born, but I still enjoy it and I think it describes perfectly those times… I still wonder how it was possible for this movie to be made considering the fact the communism was at it’s apogee in that era… The answer is either the finesse of the script, of the actors and everything was so wonderful that it just slipped past the censorship or the finesse was so sublime that even the censorship would have had a very difficult task to prove any criticism was brought to the system… Thas why I think this movie is one to remember… of course, there are other things of interest beside the subtle criticism of the system, which are very entertaining. The movie is about the relationship between people in the purest form and a lesson about what they are in every situation. Even in a vacation no one else know about, in the middle of the Danube Delta.

One of the best comedies ever!

This is one of my favorite movies! I am not tired yet of re-watching it. It definitely deserves to be promoted worldwide. The delight is continuous due to its subtle situation humor and the formidable performances from three of the greatest Romanian actors ever: Toma Caragiu, Octavian Cotescu and Marin Moraru. And all those meaningful unfinished phrases, and the pomp of the “specialist” fishermen, and their unspoken rivalry transferred from work in that leisure situation, and so on, and so on. Great script, great actors, low budget, a really great movie, which MUST be revived.

Subtle Great Romanian Communist Comedy

A couple of communist businessmen go fishing while their wives think they’re on a business trip. They take along two of their friends and side-kicks and a somewhat unstable children book writer fella who’s providing them with a means of transportation.

Once there, they set up a camp and make plans for catching the biggest fish around those waters, legendarily called `The Monster’. While the action drags on, the movie is great in depicting the mentality and attitudes of socially important people back in communist times.

The leading actor, Toma Caragiu, delivers exceptionally as the flamboyant leader of the group, self-righteous and passing judgement at every step, with great self-irony. A great performance by Octavian Cotescu, who depicts another influential socialist figure, bent onto bragging either about places he has visited abroad or the fabulous things he had acquired there. Marin Moraru is their inadvertedly funny right-hand man in the office and their delivery boy and messenger during this whole trip.

The movie is great and definitely delivers, yet hindered by its technical flaws.