Zatoichi’s Revenge (1965)

  • Year: 1965
  • Released: 03 Apr 1965
  • Country: Japan
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  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: Japanese
  • MPA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Writer: Minoru Inuzuka, Kan Shimozawa
  • Director: Akira Inoue
  • Cast: Shintarô Katsu, Norihei Miki, Mikiko Tsubouchi
  • Keywords: samurai, katana, sword, sequel, zatoichi, blind,
73% – Critics
73% – Audience

Zatoichi’s Revenge Storyline

Itinerant masseur and master swordsman, the blind Zatoichi, is near the village of his teacher, Hikonoichi, so he decides to visit. He learns of Hikonoichi’s recent robbery and murder and the imprisonment of his virginal daughter, Osayo, in a brothel. Through friendship with Denroku, a local dice thrower and devoted father, Ichi uncovers an unholy alliance between the governor and the area strongman: among their scams is falsifying tax records to put farmers in debt, then forcing their daughters into prostitution at the boss’s brothel. With help from Denroku’s daughter, Otsuru, Ichi comforts Osayo until he can provoke showdowns with the villains and their henchmen.—

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Zatoichi’s Revenge Movie Reviews

A very disturbing Zatoichi movie

Most Zatoichi movies are like simple fables where the underdog stumbles into a problem and uses his sword to defeat the almost cartoonish villains and make things wonderful again. The stories are unbelievable, but the movies are enjoyable because Shintaro Katsu brings so much humility and charm to his role.

This film is much different from the other Zatoichi films that I have seen. Through deceit, murder, and trickery the village leaders have forced villagers to incur debts they are unable to repay in any way except to put their daughters to work in the brothel. The brothel is owned by the village leaders. If the daughters attempt to escape or do not cooperate they are beaten, locked in a storehouse and starved. The movie graphically depicts the abuse in the brothel. There is a very disturbing scene where Zatoichi is giving a brothel customer a massage and in the background you can hear the screams of a reluctant new girl being beaten.

Zatoichi gets involved in this situation when he goes to visit his old teacher and discovers that the teacher had been killed and the teacher’s daughter had to work at the brothel to repay the teacher’s debt.

The corruption in the village goes very deep and affects many people. The more trouble the corrupt leaders get into, the more they plot killing and framing people for the killings. The corrupt leaders are able to get honorable men to do almost anything to keep or get their daughters out of the brothel. This rampant corruption makes it impossible for Zatoichi to trust anyone fully. To fix the problem, Zatoichi seems to have to fight an entire army. When the movie ends, you wonder if there are any able bodied men left alive in the village or if Zatoichi has killed them all.

If you are looking for a typical light Zatoichi movie, you will not like this one. If you are looking for a dark, powerful, thought provoking move, this is the one.

It offers many unique twists and turns….though at heart it’s still good old Zatôichi.

If you are looking for a completely original Zatôichi, you won’t find one. There are many givens that you will always find no matter how much you may want to see something different. Zatôichi is blind and has god-like skill with his sword. Zatôichi always finds a person or group of people being taken advantage of and goes about protecting them from an evil “boss”. This blind swordsman is kind and has a soft spot for children, ladies and nice folks. In the end, although our hero, Zatôichi, may be cut and bruised, the bad guys are invariably dead and the day is saved. So, if you are looking for a selfish Ichi who loses or a bad man who continues breathing once the film is over, you’ll be out of luck! Despite these many givens, the series is quite popular–even if you know there is a fundamental pattern to the films.

What makes this film better than most of the other almost 30 films is that although these story elements are there, there is enough novel material to make the film atypical of the series. One difficult to watch difference was mentioned in another excellent review on this site. Zatôichi is asked to give a massage to the boss and all the while a woman who was tricked into prostitution is being beaten in the next room. It’s very disturbing but considering that much of the brutality ISN’T shown and the film’s central message is about the evils of forced prostitution, it was necessary. These women are NOT enjoying themselves and this is NOT a victimless crime. So, it’s up to Ichi to free the women and settle the score. And, speaking of score, there is a lot to settle. Not only did the two evil bosses in the film force innocent people into prostitution, but they murdered–even a high government official–whose murder they tried to pin on Zatôichi!

Another wonderful difference in the movie was the excellent supporting character of the crooked dealer. He was NOT 100% bad and had some redeeming qualities–it just took Ichi to bring this out of the man. And, in one of the funnier scenes in the series, the gambler turns out to be a sort of action-hero himself at the end of the film–surprising himself with his swordsmanship! Also, while the parallels between the Zatôichi and spaghetti westerns is pretty obvious, here the film makers deliberately accentuate this. Much of the music sounds like it’s from these Italian films AND this is one of the few films in the series that have a guy issue a challenge to Ichi for a showdown! I almost expected him to say it was at “high noon”!!

Overall, despite following the formula, the film has an awful lot that’s novel and exciting. It is one of the best films in the series and should not be missed.

Zatoichi’s most sinister

Zatoichi’s Revenge is the tenth film of the franchise about the blind masseur turned lowly yakuza and skilled swordsman with a strong moral compass. In this movie, Zatoichi plans to visit his old master who taught him how to become a masseur. Upon arriving in the town he left ten years earlier, he realizes a lot of things have changed for the worst. His master got brutally murdered two weeks before his arrival and his daughter was forced into prostitution to pay for her father’s debts. Zatoichi soon realizes that the local intendant terrorizes the town by forcing women and even children into prostitution, forcing men into debts and controlling local businesses, a brutal mob and influential politicians. Zatoichi realizes he can’t fully rely on the abused and scared citizens as he tries to find a way to put the intendant’s reign of terror to an end, avenge his master and save the master’s daughter.

One thing that makes this film stand out is its brutal, dark and gloomy atmosphere. Brothels usually serve as colorful backdrops in many traditional Japanese movies but this one here is different. It shows us how women and even girls are forced into prostitution, insulted, beaten up and starved in pitiless ways. Especially the ruthless intendant and his mob as well as the female owner of the brothel are shown as exploitative maniacs who treat the women worse than animals. In one scene, Zatoichi has to give the local intendant a massage while one hears how the owner of the brothel beats up a virgin prostitute who was reluctant to sleep with the intendant in the next room. She doesn’t even try to hide what she is doing in order to intimidate the other prostitutes. Another element that adds to the atmosphere is the fact that the citizens are constantly scared. A local dice dealer who is initially friendly towards Zatoichi is forced to trick him during a game and then forced to steal the blind masseur’s cane or else his young teenage daughter would end up being a prostitute. The viewers discover the darkest places of the town such as the filthy brothel, poorly equipped dwellings, shady bars and restaurants as well as many dark alleys as the film is mostly taking place at night which only adds to the sinister tone. Rarely have the antagonists been as ruthless as in this film of the franchise. Even the ronin who duels Zatoichi turns out to be a man without honor as he kills innocent men, constantly tries to provoke Zatoichi and even assaults him with a horse instead of opting for a fair duel. Two honorable mentions go out to the fitting absence of slapstick humor and the gloomy soundtrack that also recalls elements of the western genre.

There aren’t many flaws in what might be one of the franchise’s very best films. Obviously, the story is quite predictable and the settings are quite similar to some we have seen in many other movies of the franchise. The sword fights are also quite similar to what was offered in previous films. Instead of focusing on flashy choreographies, even the sword fights are brief, brutal and pitiless like the story itself.

Zatoichi’s Revenge is a highlight of the franchise because of its brutal story, gloomy atmosphere and despicable antagonists. The film goes away from the previous three or four films that had more humorous elements and might be the most serious entry in the franchise. Any collector or follower of the franchise should watch this film and even those who aren’t familiar with the franchise can watch this intense film without any regrets. It’s not the sword fights that make this film stand out but its uniquely sinister tone that strikes a chord with the viewers.