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Two investigative reporters for a tabloid magazine track down across country “The Night Flier”, a serial killer who travels by private plane stalking victims in rural airports. One of the reporters, Richard Dees, begins to suspect that “the Night Flier could perhaps be a vampire”.—Humberto Amador

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The Night Flier Movie Reviews

Along His Professional Life, Richard Dees Had Looked For Hell… and He Found It

Richard Dees (Miguel Ferrer) is a nasty and bitter senior reporter from sensationalist tabloid Inside View. When a mysterious pilot starts killing persons nearby the airports, Richard’s boss Merton Morrison (Dan Monahan) invites him to cover the matter, but he is not interest. However, rookie reporter Katherine “Jimmy” Blair (Julie Entwisle) studies thoroughly the story of a serial-killer that killed his victims Claire Ellis Bowie in Maine; Buck Kendall in New York; and Ray and Ellen Sarch in Maryland. But Richard steals her research and gives the following advice to Katherine: “Never believe what you publish…Never publish what you believe”. He flies to each place in his plane and realizes that the killer might be a vampire due to his style and calls him “The Night Flier”. Meanwhile Merton assigns Katherine to follow Richard to give a different view of the same story. When Richard finally finds The Night Flier, he descends to the hell in his insanity and Katherine follows his advice.

“The Night Flier” is one of the best adaptations of Stephen King for video, with an interesting horror movie with a different vampire story. The plot is well constructed, and the story is very simple, but also very frightening. Miguel Ferrer has a good performance in the role of a scum reporter. Unfortunately, Julie Entwisle has a very weak performance in an important character. The contrast between the final black and white scene and the following bright colored one is visually impressive. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): “Vôo Noturno” (“Night Flight”)

Much better than I expected!

I’m not really a great fan of vampire movies, in fact there are very few that I could actually name that I like, nonetheless I rented ‘The Night Flier’ because the DVD cover looked rather interesting but I still didn’t expect much from this movie.

Richard Dees (Miguel Ferrer) is a journalist for a sleazy and morbid weekly publication named ‘Inside View’ and is assigned to cover the story of a mysterious pilot who flies into rural airports and kills whoever is there, draining the victim of all their blood. At first Richard doesn’t want the story but after seeing how big a story it could be and also wanting to put ambitious young journalist Katherine (Julie Entwistle) firmly in her place he accepts the assignment and goes in search of information on the killer he later nicknames The Night Flier.

I was very surprised by the quality of this movie. Currently I am moderately wary of Stephen King adaptations and with it also being a vampire movie my hopes were not particularly high. The first ten minutes or so of ‘The Night Flier’ are fairly slow moving and rather tedious but that soon changes as ‘The Night Flier’ becomes a quite adept thriller. It’s not a typical vampire movie and that is probably why I enjoyed it. Instead, ‘The Night Flier’ is more of a crime drama as the movie is directed towards uncovering the killer rather than stopping the killer. This makes it an interesting thriller in a way and despite some noticeably gory scenes stays away from the obvious idea of concentrating solely on the killer’s activities. Tension is built up exceptionally by not concentrating too much on The Night Flier. The way the movie plays out gives it a strong purpose as it leads to a blistering finale. What we are left with is a story about a man on the edge who will do anything to get his story. The character of Richard is a bitter man, possibly socially maladjusted and one has to question whether he is in some way disturbed by all that he has witnessed in his life? He shows mental strength in his pursuit of success and seemingly fears nothing, showing no compassion or sympathy for the feelings of others yet there are still moments when he comes across as a much `softer’ human being. Miguel Ferrer does an excellent job of portraying Richard and his performance in the last ten minutes of the movie is almost profound. The ending is brutal, in some ways shocking and definitely not what I expected. By the end it becomes obvious that there were two levels of horror working in this movie that came together well to leave us with ‘The Night Flier’.

There were flaws with the movie though, a couple of plot holes and many unanswered questions, though perhaps that the intent was to leave an air of mystery over the movie. Apart from Ferrer I don’t think the movie was well cast as most of the other actors didn’t really seem to fit the tone of the film. Furthermore, despite many great make-up effects there were also a few (one in particular) that looked awful and seemed to be totally out of place with the rest of the film. The movie was also a little slow in places and does not really get very good until about a third of the way through. These few faults though aren’t really enough to harm the enjoyment and whilst this may not be to everyone’s liking I personally believe it to be a well made and appealing movie. My rating for ‘The Night Flier’ – 7/10.

Solid adaptation of Stephen King’s story.

I really don’t understand all those nay-sayers.”Night Flier” in comparison to the recent so-called horror movies about vampires is pretty good.It’s quite scary,it’s suspenseful,it’s pretty gory and it’s a good time!I hate modern vampire flicks like “Blade” or “From Dusk Till Dawn”-they’re simply a big-budget Hollywood garbage with an overdose of special effects.Unlike the other reviewers I like the character of Richard Dees-this guy is so wonderfully mean that it’s impossible not to like him.The acting is decent and the special effects are okay.As for the gore,there is plenty of blood in “Night Flier”,but the violence is not excessive.However gore-hounds should be pleased.Make sure you find this one!Highly recommended.