Koi to hanabi to kanransha (1997)


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Kunihiko Morihara was left a widower eight years ago when his wife passed away. He attends his first mixer party under the guidance of his daughter. There he meets Fumika and starts conversation. Kunihiko is too shy to show his love since he’s much older than Fumika. On learning that Fumika goes to England to study about English Tea, Kunihiko rushes to the airport but his effort is in vain. He takes out his dead wife’s photo and consults her ‘I love Fumika, what should I do?

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Fireworks, Ferris Wheels and Love

The wonderful Matsushima Nanako raises the quality of this romantic drama. The story involves a businessman, who, after spending 8 years grieving the loss of his wife to illness, finds himself very gently persued by a young office worker. Matsushima, plays Fumika, with grace and charm as she becomes an important part of the man’s life without his even realizing. As with many of these films, the colorful, and in some cases tragic supporting chaacters realize what’s happening before the lead himself. With a story with more character than humor, expert performances, this is a film well worth looking up. Tea, anyone?