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The year is 1886, when New England’s fishing harbors are the scene for a “creature of unknown origin” destroying ships at sea. It is the job of Professor Pierre Arronax, a marine expert, and Ned Land, the iron-willed sailor, to learn the truth of the “monster” roaming the seas. The great novelist, Jules Verne, described this perilous journey to the darkest depths of the sea with Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus.—Edwin van Oorschot

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A new adaptation for TV with superb cast and an awesome Michael Caine as Nemo

The film talks about the known story from Jules Verne novel and previously rendered in the classic by Richard Fleischer . The oceans are no longer safe , many ships have been lost , the sailors have returned to New England’s fishing port with tales of vicious giant whale with long horn . A naturist , marine expert named professor Pierre Aronnax (Patrick Dempsey in the role of Paul Lukas) along with a professional whaler named Ned Land (Bryan Brown in the role of Kirk Douglas) and a helper (Adewele Agbaje) join forces in a perilous expedition that attempts to unravel the mysterious sinking ships by an unknown creature . Aboard the ship called Abrahan Lincoln , they go out to investigate the “monster” roaming the seas . They are captured and get thoroughly involved with captain Nemo (Michael Caine in the role of James Mason) and his daughter Mara (Mia Sara) who take an extraordinary adventure underseas in an advanced submarine called Nautilus .

This fantastic TV movie displays sensational adventures , noisy action , suspense , marvelous scenarios and results to be pretty enjoyable . The great novelist , Jules Verne , described this thrilling tale about a dangerous journey to the darkest depths of the sea with Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus . Surprise-filled entertainment and with plenty of action on grand scale , including excellent special effects made by means of computer generator and some ship and submarine by maquette or scale model . However , overlong runtime is not boring but turns out to be entertaining and amusing . Memorable and superb casting with Michael Caine plays a magnificent captain Nemo , similar to immortal James Mason ; Patrick Dempsey plays a young Annorax while in Disney version was an old Paul Lukas ; attractive Mia Sara in a new role , she has an excessive romance with Dempsey ; Bryan Brown is an obstinate, stubborn Ned Land just like Kirk Douglas . Atmospheric and vivid score by Mark Snow (X-Files). The television movie was nicely directed by Rod Hardy . Other versions from the classic story for TV are directed by Michael Anderson with Ben Cross and a cartoon movie directed by Arthur Rankin . The motion picture will appeal to fantasy-adventure fans .

overlong and boring

jules verne makes imaginative books, but let’s face it, the attempts to move them to the big screen are destined to fail. especially if you’re lacking money. jules had such wild ideas that they cannot be produced anywhere but inside the readers mind.

this particular one has a great cast, but the mini way too long compared to the boredom it arouses. i had to use three days to watch it because i kept falling asleep.

the special effects look amateurish, and all the intensity from the book has vanished somewhere in the production. all i felt about it was a little claustrophobia.

a tip to the crew: you should have asked the champ, kevin costner, he could have probably told that it’s not automatically an epic if you make it long. you need some events, too, you know.

Unwatchable miserable awful horrible TV

On the level of the worst Disney and more like some 1930s action-adventure movie where, say, the guide yells “Look” and points left while the camera cuts to cheap stock footage of a lion running off to the right somewhere.

There is nothing – not one single thing – worth watching in this movie. Even Caine is bad.

The effects – one of the reasons one might watch something like this – are below anything you can imagine: a ship floats in the back on an ocean a different color from the “real” ocean in front; the octopus has one rubber tentacle that’s dragged around in an aquarium.

But most – maybe 95% – of the movie is talk. Nemo shows folks around his sub for hours (or days or weeks); the hero lectures some scientists forever. it’s just talk and more talk with an occasional shot of a metal sub model.

Avoid this at any cost. It’s not even watchable over pizza when you’re reading or doing something else; it’s not even close to as good as the worst Godzilla movie; it’s worse than “Plan 9” but without the camp.