Vice Girls (1997)

29% – Audience

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Three sexy cops will have to go undercover to catch a ruthless pornographer who is murdering young runaway girls.

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Good movie

The film was great everyone should watch it the script was not that great but who ever produced this movie was an asset to the film because it made a lot of money for a very small investment. It was clear that the budget was not as great as it could have been but this movie took a good shot at making something from nothing. The acting was good in parts but you can’t overlook the talent. The Director had a good vision of the project and stuck to it. I give this movie a B+. I meet the producers of this movie and they were really good at what they did creating an enjoyable set to be on.Three sexy cops hit the streets and go undercover — and under the covers! — to infiltrate a murder in the pornography industry. Can these lovely ladies avoid getting too wrapped up in the roles they play? Can they find the killer before he or she discovers that they’re not the savvy sex stars they appear to be? From the actor/director who brought you ASSAULT OF THE PARTY NERDS and VIRGIN HIGH.

Nutty, low budg spoof – Pulp Fiction meets Charly’s Angels!

Airing only a few times on cable, this funny little movie has a lot going for it. Never taking themselves AT ALL too seriously, the filmmakers are having a blast and it shows (director Richard Gabai plays wannabe filmmaker Quinten Tortalini and writer A. Michael Baldwin plays bogus snuff film producer Tralaine). The three lead actresses are so bad that they are actually good. The plot? Well, three vice cops (Liat Goodson is the only good looking one) chase and catch a killer. It’s enough. Many good scenes. And am I wrong or is this movie based on Star Trek somehow? A wannabe (soon-to-be) classic.

watch it and have a laugh!

surprisingly enjoyable pulp, with two female cops using designer-camera-bra’s to catch a killer would-be porn-director with a hand-held camera. it even indulges in some pro-female pleasure scenes. it’s more enjoyable than many a mainstream movie that takes itself too seriously.