Tyson (1995)

  • Year: 1995
  • Released: 29 Apr 1995
  • Country: United States
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  • IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114759/
  • Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/tyson
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  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: Unrated
  • Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport
  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Writer: José Torres, Robert Johnson
  • Director: Uli Edel
  • Cast: George C. Scott, Paul Winfield, Michael Jai White
  • Keywords: new york city, based on novel or book, sports, funeral, boxer, world champion,
33% – Critics
false% – Audience

Tyson Storyline

The story of Mike Tyson. From his early days as a 12 year old amateur with a powerful punch, to the undisputed title of “Heavyweight Champion of the World”, and ultimately to his conviction for rape. The story of his turbulent life moves quickly, never focusing for long on anything in particular.—Rob Hartill

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Tyson Movie Reviews

Good, but not great and stolen by Great Scott and Winfield

This is a made-for-TV flick about Iron Mike. As people have already commented there are several memorable and incredible performances given here. Scott is, to my mind, one of, if not the greatest American actor who lived in the last century. Along with Jason Robards, Jack Lemmon, Jimmy Cagney, and today Kevin Spacey. (Yes, I said it, Kevin ranks right up there with the all-time champs. Don’t believe me? See the movie he did with Annette Benning and Chris Cooper, then watch the Kaizer Soze flick. Unfortunately it is late and titles are escaping me…..)

So Scott steals the movie cursing and arguing and screaming his lungs out. By the way, after his death, it was rumored that D’Amato had forced Iron Mike to perform oral sex on him when Mike was a young boy under Cus’s tutelage. True or not, it would certainly explain a lot….Paul Winfield as Don King is a great match. His performance is much more believable here than Ving Rhames’s would be several years later on in “King”. Tony LoBianco is good to as Jim Jacobs who for years managed Tyson. Jacobs incidentally was a jack-of-all-trades, winning the US Handball Championship for Men, having the greatest private collection of fight films ever collected, and being an expert on comic books. Talk about your Renaisannce guys. The only weak link is Michael Jai White. He doesn’t really capture the caged-animal intensity of Iron Mike during his glory years. Tyson incidentally, should really consider making a film about his own life with actors of his choosing. Overall a good effort by some extremely talented actors.

Let’s Not Feel Sorry For A Convicted Rapist

I’ll be totally honest and say when Tyson beat Trevor Berbick to become the youngest world heavyweight champion I was mesmerised by this boxer . Lightning hand speed , power and someone who livened up the rather staid and fractured heavyweight division that was being left behind in a golden age of boxing that featured Leonard , Hagler , Hearns .Perhaps the most sympathetic thing about him was his tale of why he took up boxing , of the older kids beating him up and learning how to fight to merely survive the human jungle of New York’s mean streets . This however turned out to be a fairy tale and the reality was Tyson learned boxing in a reform school where he was sent to having carried a series of street robberies and where he met Cus D’Amato who effectively adopted the thug . It was D’Amato who steered Tyson from crime . As well as being a mentor he was also something a spin doctor and the myth of ” poor unfortunate victim of bullying ” was just that – a myth but it makes for a nice story . After all a violent sociopath is no role model , especially and ironically in the world of boxing where an audience in general and an American audience in particular like their heroes to be good guys . When D’Amato died in 1985 not long before Tyson became world champion the only calming force in Tyson’s life was gone and the boxer was heading for the rocks . Before his loss to Buster Douglas there were stories of street brawls outside the ring and his fights inside the ring were often farcical . The division lacked depth and his victories were either against fighters who were past their sell by date like Larry Holmes or against opponents who’d go out of their way to merely last the distance like Bonecrusher Smith or against opponents who’d be in awe and freeze such as Frank Bruno or Carl Williams . All this was before he was convicted of rape of course

To be fair this HBO bio-pic doesn’t sugar coat the boxer as much as I remember . It does point out that Tyson the child was disturbingly street wise and was heavily involved in crime ” Forty convictions ? Not even Al Capone had forty convictions ! ” . It also makes a point that even in his teen years Tyson had a run in over a girl and that he contracted venereal disease . Not much of a role model is he ? but at least it doesn’t paint him as a victim – well until later . Enter Paul Winfield who gives an all too realistic performance as Don King , a man so greedy and exploitative that he’s a walking advert for Stalinism .Winfield has a lot of fun in the role and while you might say the performance is a little too obvious it’d be impossible to play King in a subtle manner as he’s one of the most flamboyant , larger than life

characters in the world today . He goes out of his way to grasp the milk cow of Tyson in his talons . This is where things start falling apart to a degree . King exploits Tyson when he’s at his most vulnerable but remember Tyson is a street smart thug who one would expect to know all about King . Heck I was a skinny Scottish teenager in the 1980s living on an obscure Island and I knew all about Don King so why not Tyson ? Total greed on Tyson’s part wouldn’t have everything to do with it ? No of course not . . It also insinuates that Tyson fell in love with the wrong woman – Robin Givens – and this contributed to his downfall . Well if you beat up your wife you can’t blame her for walking out on you . Interesting this domestic abuse seems to be played down . Oh don’t tell me she was just interested in Tyson’s money . None of us are privy to the marriage between Givens and Tyson but if she was after Tyson’s money wouldn’t she have signed a pre nuptial agreement ? The amount of negative press against Givens from this period was disgraceful and it’s not like Tyson had a glittering reputation where violence outside the ring was concerned .

Disgracefully when the rape case was done and dusted there were those commentators who were quite happy to fling more innuendo about the rape victim crying rape due to Tyson’s wealth etc . The bio-pic does seem to suggest that we’re supposed to make up our own mind if Tyson was guilty or not but the fact that a jury who sat in court all day everyday and listened to all the evidence from all sides found Tyson guilty of rape so there’s no ambiguity involved – Tyson is a rapist and to suggest otherwise is a disgrace to both the victim and the rule of law

Who ate my ice cream!

The movie “Tyson” chronicles Mike Tyson’s life as a 12 year old boy, with 38 arrests to his credit,in Brooklyn to the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. It was fame and fortune more then the mean streets of Bronsville Brooklyn that lead to Tyson’s downfall that eroded his talents in the ring and civility out of it. Tyson after being taken under the wings of “Trainer of Champions” Cus D’Amato who fine tuned his talents as a boxer as well has gave him, with Cus’s wife, a family passed away leaving Tyson alone and open to be exploited by wannabe shysters like boxing promoter Don King as well as gold diggers like his first wife Robin Givens and her Moma Ruth Roper. By the time they got through with Mike he not only ended up losing his title , “The Baddest Man on the Planet Earth”, as world heavyweight champion but most of his estimated hundreds of millions he won in the ring.

The knock-out punch that really did Tyson in was his conviction of raping 18 year old Miss African American contestant Desiree Washington whom many people who followed the trail feel Tyson was innocent of. We get to see a shy and at the same time out of control Mike Tyson turn his life around for the better with the help of his surrogate father Cus D’Amato who taught him to keep his aggressions in not out of the ring. It was Cus’ death that left Tyson open to all the troubles that was to haunt him all his professional and personal life. Becoming the youngest man to win the heavyweight crown at the age of 20 by knocking out Trevor Berbick in the 2nd round on November 22, 1986 in Las Vages Tyson was unstoppable in the ring successfully defending his crown nine times. That’s until he met journeyman boxer Buster Douglas in Tokyo Japan in early 1990. A 40 to 1 long-shot Duglas busted Tyson up for 9 rounds and in the 10th knocked him on queer street taking the title away from him. The fact that Tyson, who was drinking and partying instead of training for the fight, and his off the books manager Don King never took Douglas seriously was the main reason for his shocking defeat.

Just when Tyson was on his way to regain his lost heavyweight crown him becoming a judge in the Miss African American contest in Indiana ended up in a worst disaster then his loss to Douglas. Accused of rape by Miss Washington and standing trail it seemed that Tyson’s reputation more then the evidence, that everyone felt was flimsy, that convicted him. Now in the spring of 1995 a convicted rapist and registered sex offender Tyson is given a second or is it third chance to regain his champion belt is where the movie ends.

The film Tyson to its credit shows Mike Tyson as a both troubled youth and man who’s life suffered mostly from those who exploited his talents and money for their, not his, own personal gain. Still we can’t excuse Tayson for his life of crime, mostly as a youth, and violence since he had everything going for him and ended up blowing it. And with that he blew his chance of possibly being the greatest heavyweight, topping the likes of Ali Marciano Dempsey and Joe Louis,champion in boxing history.