Cuo ti zhui ji zu he (1995)


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An undercover assignment turns into a deadly game of revenge for a Hong Kong police-woman.

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Another Jade Leung vehicle that is unworthy of her

Well, this is not what I expected – or wanted. I bought “Fox Hunter” as a fan of both Jade Leung and girls-with-guns films in general. Jade proves again that she is a capable and fearless action actress, but this movie contains far too much misogynistic violence for this type of thing. They basically made Jade completely overmatched by the villain from the start, and they kept her that way almost all the way through. Of course the entire Hong Kong and Mainland China police departments seem to be overmatched by this guy – apparently he and his few associates have enough guns, ammunition and explosives to start a small war, and they kill people by the dozens. Despite the few attempts at humor, “Fox Hunter” is a very grim and violent crime drama that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. (*1/2)

Low rent Hong Kong crime thrills

Despite the title, which makes it sound like some magic-infused wuxia epic, FOX HUNTER is in fact a girls ‘n’ guns Hong Kong cop thriller of the type which filled cinemas in the 1990s. This one’s a particularly low budget and low rent example of the genre, but it just about gets by on goodwill alone. Jade Cheung is the upstanding policewoman who finds herself the subject of a vendetta by a cruel cop-killing bad guy and the scene is set for many dramatic showdowns between the pair.

Any fan of this particular genre will know what to expect from the material. There’s plenty of action, all of it heavily stylised and overly dramatic, not to mention over directed, with lots of violence meted out to both the guilty and the innocent. Cheung herself comes in for plenty of abuse which can be quite hard-hitting at times. There’s also adequate suspense and storytelling, although the cheapness of the production stops this from being one of the best of its type. Rongguang Yu plays in support as Cheung’s weary senior at the station.