Witch Hunt (1994)


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Detective Philip Lovecraft lives in Los Angeles in the 1950s when an ambitious Senator is holding hearings, on Magic. Magic is the new influence in Tinsel Town. Lovecraft is unique in that he is the only one who refuses to use magic in his work. Shortly after he is hired, he finds his client, Kim Hudson, accused of the murder of her husband, a film executive. Philip uses the tallents of a local witch, Kropotkin, to explain what is happening only to see her accused of the murder and sentenced to be burnt at the stake. Reminiscent of Roger Rabbit, without the toons.—John Vogel

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Witch Hunt Movie Reviews

Brilliant, Under-Rated, Under-Appreciated, Fantasy…

Looking at the votes, one has to wonder not only whether those that saw this film actually understood it, and whether the distributor made an effort to encourage viewers in the first place. Not every “high concept” or fantasy film will turn into a classic, but, to this reviewer’s tired eyes, this one did. Set in some sort of parallel universe where magic is possible (the viewer becomes comfortable with the premise, painlessly, seamlessly and within moments) this is a clever riff on the Bogie/Marlowe detective story, complete with voice-over, with a cherry-and-sprinkles sci-fi topper. The performances are nothing less than brilliant and you have to wonder, if this had been a mainstream production, whether they would still have been so badly ignored? Hopper does what might be the best job in his career, actually carrying the film, in a role similar to Jack Nicholson in Chinatown. Bogosian — he of the distinctive voice — left us a very small film legacy, but this one portrayal alone should live on in the film archive for some time to come. Julian Sands arrives late in the film but makes the most of his screen time, presenting one of the most pleasant villains since the Bond days. And, like Hopper, Penelope Ann Miller delivers what could be the best role of her career as a larger-than-life individual who made hard sacrifices to get that way. Recommended, and tell your friends. This film deserves more than it got.

innovative spin on film noir

“Witch Hunt” is an ideal TV-movie strengthened by the tiny aspects that make it whole. The humor is offbeat and effective; the attention to color and set design is wonderfully evocative of the 1950s; the musical score (by David Lynch mainstay Angelo Badalamenti) sets an appropriate mood; and the well-shaded, blackly humorous performances are something else. The story combines a film noir attitude with the popularity of magic in Hollywood, and a McCarthyesque politician trying to put a stop to it. Granted, the plot seems to get too complicated near the end, but the commitments of Dennis Hopper, Penelope Ann Miller, Julian Sands, and especially the reptilian Eric Bogosian elevate “Witch Hunt” above your standard rental fare. Worth a look.


Loads of fun–great performances

I have seen this flic a few times and have enjoyed it thoroughly each time. Great supporting performances. I liked Dennis Hopper in this, although I missed Fred Ward from the first one. Penelope Ann Miller was perfectly cast as well. Valerie Mahaffey and Sheryl Lee Ralph were great also. The special effects do not take over the picture, but are imaginative (the mirror effect)and the magical theory is well thought out and consistent. This is just an enjoyable urban fantasy featuring an alternate history (my favorite genre) of the U.S. in which magic is routinely practices and the social reprecussions spur a McCarthy-like reaction. Diverting and enjoyable.