American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1993)

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Austin VS. Cyborg: Who is the REAL Steel Warrior?

17 years after the apocalypse, the survivors live in destroyed cities patrolled by cyborgs. The cyborgs get their orders by sticking their fingers in ATM-like machines. A human woman named Mary (Hansen) has given birth to a baby, which is important, so the species can continue to live in utter squalor. Apparently, in Europe there is less radiation so she must get the baby safely to “the port”. Unfortunately, there is an unusually-ruthless mustachioed cyborg named “Cyborg” after her. Wherever she is, he turns up and shoots everybody. You’ve really gotta watch out for this guy. He really hates babies (which is never explained). Luckily, Mary has some help in the heroic Austin (Lara), a valiant meathead willing to help Mary complete her journey and fight Cyborg along the way. Will she succeed in her mission? John Ryan as Cyborg has a Judas Priest-style leather outfit and mustache. He also has funny glowing eyes and grunts a lot. Almost any Judas Priest song can be applied to this villain: “Leather Rebel”, “Hell Patrol”, “All guns blazing”, etc. I wonder if Rob Halford has ever seen this movie. Joe Lara is sans beard and looking meatheadier than ever. He has a bunch of blank expressions that complement his long hair. Hansen can’t act her way out of a paper bag, but maybe the star that is Lara outshined her.

It’s important to remember that in 1993 the world was in the midst of “Terminator 2 Fever” and AC: SW is a by-product of that then-current enthusiasm. Imagine a mix of Terminator 2 (1992), Neon City, Karate Cop and Omega Cop. It has all the silly trademarks of the low-budget post-apocalyptic genre, including plot points about “RZB”, an anti-radiation drug, and it also might explain the characters’ interest in “modems” and other computer mumbo-jumbo.

This movie isn’t really as bad as you might think. Yes, it is very dumb and repetitive (Austin kills Cyborg, he regenerates and comes back, ad nauseam), and every time Cyborg shows up, he kills everyone in sight with his machine gun but not Mary, of course…but it has a decent pace and some interesting baddies such as drag queens and the dreaded “Leeches” who are, apparently, radioactive cannibals. The one standout fight scene involves Austin facing off against these mummy-like assailants. Also, most of the movie takes place in one abandoned warehouse or another.

Directed by the legendary Boaz Davidson (of the Lemon Popsicle series and co-producer of The Expendables (2010), this is a later Cannon production, so, make of that what you will.

Who is the Steel Warrior? Is it Austin or is Cyborg? Be Pro-“American” and find out tonight! For more insanity, please visit:

Expected bad… but not awful.

Well, this movie may not be just another piece of crap like most of this type are, but I do not see any point to praise about it either. Same old premise — destructed wasteland, no sign of sane life, deadly cyborgs reigning, some unlucky human beings… it works on a very cheap & boring formula. It reminds me of Van Damme’s Cyborg, but somehow I feel this one better. Just because it has a better story. But please do not expect a breathtaking, mind dazzling sci-fi plot. I was just comparing.

The leadman, Joe Lara, is lucky that he turned out to be a cyborg in the end. Otherwise he himself should question his acting capability. Nicole Hansen added some human touch in this robot-robot game. At least she is the only human among the lead cast. And I’m still in dark why the director chose an old-man figure as the killing cyborg. 3/10.

Steel Warriors coming out to play

Joe Lara stars as a tough martial artist who helps escort the last pregnant woman to Europe, while a cyborg (John Ryan, not John P. Ryan) is close behind in their footsteps. American Cyborg:Steel Warrior (a rather awkward title) actually got a theatrical release (And no I didn’t see this in theaters) and well with all things considered it represents the last dying breath from Cannon films. (Who distributed this) Back in the 1980s, Cannon were the ones responsible for such movies as the American Ninja series, Revenge Of The Ninja, Delta Force, Invasion USA, Masters Of The Universe, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Death Wish 2-4 and Cyborg. I listed this filmography mainly so I can point out that the type of movies that Cannon used to pedal to market. In this regard American Cyborg:Steel Warrior isn’t the best or the worst production from Cannon, it is just a low budget rip off of Escape From New York with elements of Cyborg and Hell Comes To Frogtown thrown in for good measure, it really isn’t so bad as it is derivative. I mean it’s a, but i’m not sure this deserves a 2.2 rating on IMDb. The movie itself has a couple decent action sequences but mainly it’s a rip off and I think fans of B.movies will be the ones who find this enjoyable. The movie is also respectably made with some okay production values and the story (if simplistic) makes sense. Although Lorenzo Lamas rip off, Joe Lara is a liability that the film’s competence can’t overcome.

* * out of 4-(Fair)