Rigoletto (1993)


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Rigoletto Movie Reviews

Absolutely breathtaking

It has been a long time since the last time I saw this movie. But yesterday, I got an odd feeling that I needed to watch it again. So, I watched it last night, and was–as usual–blown away by this beautiful movie.

Yes, it’s definitely a “Beauty and the Beast” story, but there are MANY movies who have used this typical fairytale storyline. And for once, for this movie, they used it right. Mr. Ribaldi was absolutely frightening at first, but as Bonnie grew to know his true self, so did I. And all I can really say is an echo of Bonnie’s sentiments after having heard Ribaldi’s heart-rending, sorrowful performance of “The Curse”: “No one can sing like that and not be beautiful.”

The ending is VERY predictable. Heck, the whole movie is predictable… But that doesn’t matter to me. I laughed, I cried. And when I have the money, I am buying the Rigoletto soundtrack so that I can sit all day and listen to the absolutely breathtaking voice of Joseph Paur–who I think is very handsome, by the way.

It’s really a pity that the sequel to this movie has not yet been distributed. I am crossing my fingers that it will see the light of day someday soon… And I hope that Joseph Paur is in it. I think I have a new favorite actor. 🙂

How is anybody giving this 10 stars????

Am I the only one who saw a grown man grooming a child throughout the whole movie? Maybe I needed to watch this as a child to like it, as an adult this is seriously disturbing.

Thank you, Jaime French

Jaime French reviewed this movie, so I had to watch it to see if it’s truly as bad as she said it was. 100% yes. Talk about problematic. This movie did not age well. There’s a lot of mixed messages, grooming, and plot holes. This movie is “ew”.