Dust of Angels (1992)


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A-Kuo and A-Tou are teenage boys living in an industrial town in Taiwan. When they are not in school, they generally hang out with their buddy Hsiao Kao, a very stylish and charismatic younger gangster who enjoys their company and support. When one of Hsiao Kao’s gangland patrons is gunned down, the trio set out to revenge the killing. As a result, the two teens are forced into hiding. One boy tells his dad he wants to go to America, which nearly kills the old man. The other just lays low. When things cool down a bit, they head on up to Taipei, looking for their gangster friend and sampling the gritty pleasures of the capital city’s underworld and nightlife.

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Dust of Angels Movie Reviews

There is another life

Young people were facing a society with so many opportunities, but they don’t have any idea what they can do. Hope and hopeless shows their power to these young boy’s life.

This totally shows how it works

Once you step in, you’ll never get out. The most “real” movie about Taiwanese mafias, or gangsters. What will you do if there’s no more justice in the society?