The Last Days of Chez Nous (1992)

87% – Critics
80% – Audience

The Last Days of Chez Nous Storyline

Vicki returns to her elder sister Beth’s house in Australia after an affair in Italy. Beth, with a teenage daughter, has become involved in something of a marriage of convenience with Frenchman J.P., and her rather prickly houseproud ways are causing frictions counterpointed by Vicki’s more laid-back and indolent air. When Beth goes off on vacation to the outback alone with her cantankerous father to see if they can finally get to know each other, relationships in the household start to shift.—Jeremy Perkins {J-26}

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The Last Days of Chez Nous Movie Reviews

Love eternal does not mean everlasting.

This is a moody and frank story of an Australian couple and how relationships change when the husband falls in love with his wife’s sister. Lisa Harrow is the pent-up wife of J.P.(Bruno Ganz)and Kerry Fox is Vicki the younger sister and temptress. I saw this on IFC and was really reeled in with the straight forward atmosphere and personal subject matter. Cinematography is super and the Australian accents cool and pleasing. This is a powerful drama; and well deserved kudos for director Gillian Armstrong.

Subtle powerful drama with a comic touch.

This film is a favorite gem. It is Bergman like in its convincing depiction of family relationships and emotions. It’s a very round presentation of life – it shows the comedy and pettyness. You really feel the air of grief in the family. The cinematography is crystal clear – as if the family is being studied under glass. It mostly takes place at home but there’s a liberating road trip.

If you like character study dramas what this one.

What happens when you realize you don’t like the people you love?

“…Chez Nous” looks at this compelling question through the life of one Aussie woman who’s self esteem is constantly undermined by the men in her life. This film is a psychodramatic, realistic, and intelligent look at the clockworks of a nuclear family held together more by mutual need than love and respect. The camera studies the slow disintegration of the family unit and the rebirth of Beth (Harrow), the principle character. Well made, earnest, honest, and insightful. An interesting watch for more mature audiences.