Adventures in Dinosaur City (1991)

41% – Critics
41% – Audience

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Haven’t seen this in YEARS!

This was one of my favorite movies when I was a little kid. I was starting to think I’d imagined the whole movie. My parents don’t remember it, and I’d never ask my friends if they ever saw it. Now that I look back I realize just how silly the whole thing was. I guess when I was little I didn’t really care about the plot or the acting. All I cared about was watching that T-Rex and his buddies. The evil dinosaur always scared the heck outta me, and I always had nightmares about him. It made me sad to learn that the guy who was Rex died a while ago. All kids watch today is this cartoon crap on cartoon network. What happened to shows like this?

Pretty Good For A Cheesy TV Movie

When Timmy and his friends Jamie and Mick decide to watch their favorite cartoon on Timmy’s father’s new invention, they are sucked into the world of the cartoon, but sadly, they see it is not as colorful and perfect as they think, and now must team up with the heroes to save Saur City from total meltdown at the hand of Mr. Big and his Rockies.

Yeah, the movie is cheesy, but seeing as how the world is inside a cartoon, it actually works for this film. While the outside look like a kids’ cartoon, the world when the kids enter looks as imperfect as the real world, as there are some stuff that would not fly in a kid’s cartoon (one scene has the three kids going through a graveyard that Mick says “would’ve been too scary for kids”, and another takes place inside a bar). Thankfully, the actors do a good job, and the dinosaur characters, which are a mix of puppets and suit actors, are incredible for a movie that was made for television. This is a good cheesy movie that is worth checking out at least once.

Sickening stupidity — My love.

Although, as the other comment (yes, there is only one) for this movie says, it is horridly bad, I find it very entertaining. As one of the things I have accidentally taped from TV from letting the VCR record too long, I watch it now and then. Someone put some amount of effort into making this, why not enjoy the result?