Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind (1991)


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“Well I ain’t had so much fun since the hogs ate my little brother.”

The best thing about this flick is the camaraderie among the three principals – Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Rip Torn. Nelson and Torn are given some genuinely creative and original lines, best exemplified by the Captain Jack Parsons (Torn) quote in my summary above. Who came up with that one?

But seriously, how can you believe the funeral gimmick they tried to pull here with Rip Torn’s character? Wouldn’t the funeral director figure out that the guy in the casket wasn’t really dead? It was easier to imagine that Willie could shove an egg through his head.

I guess this was entertaining enough, especially if you’re a fan of the main players. The Boston FBI agent (Joan Severance) is an interesting diversion for Kristofferson as her character is written with a couple of twists, so you don’t get too used to seeing her as just a romantic interest. For much of the story though, you have to suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow. Notwithstanding Bureau procedure, it takes a lot to believe you could krazy glue a guy’s hand to his car door.

Aces Indeed!

Maybe there is some kind of comfort in seeing two actors take their age in stride. Seeing Kris Kristofferson and the living legend Willie Nelson do this good a job in what is basically a made-for-cable (complete with Zalman King stalwart Joan Severance) film just brings a fat smile to my face. Kudos also to director Bill Bixby. Is this worth seeing? Definitely!!!

Willie and Kris are fantastic – perfect playing off each other.

These two old pals are great together. Willie, as Executive Producer, gets the fun scalawag part. Kristofferson gets the straight sexy part. Death scam to hide Rip Torn character is a bit far-fetched. Funny scenes abound. Willie fumes as Kristofferson, his stolid, straight-arrow counterpart arrives to pick him up after 30 hours. Why? Because Texas Ranger Kristofferson has been carrying out a hot love scene with FBI agent Severance. Nelson wants to know why the delay. “Business” replies the Ranger. “What kind of business,” says Nelson. “None of yours” barks Kristofferson. Leaning close, Nelson detects the aroma of perfume and laughs “I’ve been shot out of the saddle by a Texas Ranger.” to which Kristofferson replies “Don’t be ridiculous; you scarcely know her.” Nelson repostes “maybe she can improve your ‘sunny’ disposition.” And at the end, when Nelson objects to Kristofferson’s intention to take him to the bus station to leave on his forced exile from Texas, Neson snookers him into making another stop. While Kristofferson is distracted, Nelson steals his car, yelling that he’ll leave it at a specific lot at the airport with the keys under the mat, and he drives off laughing. Kristofferson has the last resigned lines…”You’re a piece of work, Ace.”