Puppet Master II (1990)

33% – Critics
38% – Audience

Puppet Master II Storyline

Toulon’s puppets help collect brain tissue from human victims for Toulon to create his formula to animate the inanimate. The victims this time include a group of researchers from a US department, responsible for invstigating the paranormal.—Rob Hartill

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Puppet Master II Movie Reviews

A great B-Movie!

Alright, so the original was a fairly smart film, but this is just a fun B-movie. SOme good gore, cool kills, and that feel of an 80’s flick are all present. Plus the new puppet, Torch, is awesome, along with all the original puppets doing what they do best…kill. In this film, Andre Toulon is brought back by the puppets to create more carnage. The storyline is not strong, the acting is not excellent, but it all works and the movie turns out to be pretty darn fun. Also some cool kills, and better gore than the first. The special effects are also excellent by David Allen’s great effects crew, as David Allen also takes the director’s chair on this film. If you like the original, you will also love this one, that is my logic.

Puppet Master 2

While the creepy atmosphere still remains from the previous film there was an extreme drop off from the first Puppet Master. This sequel just didn’t live up to what it could have possibly been. Nearly all the characters besides the main lead, Elizabeth Maclellan who was decent, all fell terribly flat and were uninteresting. The puppets didn’t seem involved either in the movie as much as they should be. The new puppet Torch is a weak addition in my opinion too, he’s basically unfair to deal with. The storyline was accurately tied into its predecessors and successors and Blade had a couple good scenes but that is pretty much it had going for it. Charles Band dropped the ball on his second sequel and I would advise not to watch this movie as a casual horror fan. Stick to the first and third movie those being the hands down best of the franchise.

Yay puppets

Puppet Master 2 begins in 1990 as André Toulon’s grave is being excavated by Pinhead, who opens up the coffin and pours a vial onto his creator’s skeleton while Blade, Jester, Tunneler and Leach Woman watch. Soon, the skeleton raises his arms and Toulon is back from the dead.

Then, we return back to the hotel where Megan from the last movie has been killed and as a result, Alex is suspected of her death and is in an insane asylum. Nothing about the reanimated dog is mentioned.

Soon, the puppets are trying to steal away parapsychologists Carolyn Bramwell, who Toulon believes is the reincarnation of his dead wife Elsa. There’s also a new puppet named Torch along for the ride. This one also explains why the puppets kill – they need brain tissue to stay alive.

This one ends with Toulon double crossing the puppets in the hope of bringing his wife back from the dead. Like I said before, no one should screw with the puppets, not even the Puppet Master.

Strangely enough, the only reason why Leech Woman was destroyed in this movie was that studio executives at Paramount hated her. Another bit of trivia – look for Mr. Punch from Dolls on Toulon’s shelf.

Puppet Master II is the only movie that David Allen, who created the puppet special effects for the first film. Check out our review of The Dungeonmaster to learn way more than you may want to know about this talented artist with a dark secret.