Ninja Academy (1989)

50% – Audience

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“Police Academy” styled film offers its laughs at the expense of students of the obvious school for ninjas.

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not worth the rent nor a CDR

Take a look at Mastorakis’s amazing profile to top-notch films. he’s right up there with Spielberg and QT. A whole 5/15 films have received an IMDB rating of above 4/10. thats just amazing.

dont rent this movie. its not even worth the $.50 that a CDR costs and the 1/2 hour it’ll take to download it off the net. Mastorakis is a shining example of someone who doesnt deserve to be in any film industry. however, he does make a great target for self-respecting movie goers who can all come together to attack one person, instead of fighting over who hates kevin smith and roger ebert.

the people who gave this movie anything higher than a 3/10 must have either thought it was another ron jeremy epic. i laughed harder when bambi’s mother died than i did at this movie. 1/10 because i cant give 0.

This movie is so bad it’s good.

God bless Nico is what I say. This is B-movie perfection. Stereotypes are twisted and turned every which way possible. The film is so light hearted and mad-cap that you can’t help but laugh your way through.

The greatest thing about this movie is that it gleefully breaks all the rules and mocks the martial arts movie genre soundly, while not completely disrespecting it.

The level of absurdity could not be raised much higher than it was raised here in Ninja Academy. You either love it or hate it I suppose. If you like B-movies then you’ll adore it. Otherwise, your taste is too refined and elite for me.

You, little grasshopper, are the wise one!

This is such a funny film! I like how this film is full of, as many people refer to it, “camp.” (BTW, what the heck does that mean, anyway?) Think of this movie as a spoof to all the awful dubbed Asian martial arts films. Instead of boring stuff, we get fun and funny stuff. Also think of this movie as “Airplane” or “Spaceballs,” Orient style! (That’s what I would call it) I’m sure if one really liked this film so much, might I recommend to you other movies such as Chris Farley’s “Beverly Hills Ninja,” or better yet, Hulk (American Tor Johnson) Hogan’s “3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain” for good laughter at ninja comedy? Yes, I definitely would! Take that, Mr. Carradine!