Far Out Man (1990)

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Little known comedy gem!

I saw an ad for this in (popular stoner magazine) a few years back, thought “Hey, I’d like to get that!”, and then promptly forgot about it. I rediscovered it while searching through Amazon.com for stoner comedies, and after seeing Tommy Chong’s own review, decided I HAD to have it.

Basically, I loved it. Yep, a little weak in places, but they weren’t trying to make a cinematic masterpiece here. I’d put this in the same category as movies like “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” or, in a more similar time period, “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane: Rock and Roll Detective” starring Andrew Dice Clay, one of my favorite cheeseball comedies from the late eighties/early nineties.

Oh, and that’s one other thing – I could’ve SWORN this movie was made (and released) recently – the copyright on the DVD says 2001, and all the reviews and info I read led me to believe it was a recent flick. Maybe just an oversight on my part, but it was actually made in 1989. Personally, that makes it even MORE enjoyable for me, as I love finding flicks that I missed in my youth, and get to see now for the first time. Then I get to show it to all of my friends, who are then similarly amazed that THEY hadn’t heard of it, either. It’s definitely a fun hobby 🙂


So anyway, like “Ford Fairlane”, this movie is hit & miss at times, but when it hits, it hits great, with some real goofball humor that you’ll be instantly quoting with your friends at the end of the movie. Also like “Ford Fairlane”, this movie had a bunch of cool cameos, either playing random characters, or more typically, playing themselves. The brief Cheech spot was UTTERLY unexpected and was one of the biggest laughs of the movie. Dokken jamming out at Tommy’s house was also an unexpected sight. C Thomas Howell’s scene with Judd Nelson was simply AMAZING, with Howell being utterly floored that Judd Nelson had never heard of him. (Like Howell, I also thought Nelson kicked much butt in “From The Hip”, another infrequently seen but highly enjoyable 80s comedy) Howell’s line, “You’ve seen (random porn title) but never saw RED DAWN?!?” was a laugh-riot, and I totally agree. Did Judd Nelson live under a rock in the eighties, or what? RED DAWN = MUST SEE MOVIE!

In conclusion, I really, REALLY liked this movie. Mad respect to Tommy Chong and family for putting this together. In the end, I guess Martin Mull’s hypnotic suggestion (“You’ll like this movie. Tell a friend.”) made an actual impression on me. I liked this movie, and I’ll be telling a LOT of friends. Check this out for sure – as long as you love goofy comedies, you’ll dig it. It’s far out, man. 🙂

Not up to Cheech & Chong originals, but funny anyways

I liked this movie. It has some lame moments, but then I think all of the C&C, except for Up In Smoke (an absolute classic), have a few of those. I’d rate this better than Still Smokin’ and definitely a step above The Corsican Brothers (which I really didn’t care for).

Cheech & Chong had a hard time of it thru the 80’s, with the Drug Wars in full swing, and were basically blackballed from Hollywood. Cheech caved in, and went “straight” to keep working (since he is the son of a cop, I can’t blame him too much). Tommy never gave up, and suffered for it. This movie was an attempt to make a little money, and I think the main reason the family fills out the cast is because they would work cheap. The few others (C. Thomas Howell, Michael Winslow, Judd Nelson) are in this film mostly as favors, including the cameo by Cheech. Don’t take this as gospel, it is just what I’ve heard thru the grapevine. I also heard they almost didn’t get this film published, the “heat” was still on.

The plot is thin, but so is the plot in every other C&C movie. Cheesy at times, it still has some great lines and a few laugh out loud moments. Oscar material it ain’t, but as a silly stoner movie it isn’t half bad. If you are looking for Northern Lights, the commercial Mex quality will disappoint. Don’t expect too much, and you’ll probably enjoy it.

Pull up a dick and have a seat.

All units, we have a report of a crazy mutha-fuka with a gun… a crazy mutha-fuka with a gun.

Surprisingly enjoyable…

I had heard bad things about this Chong solo effort. But surprisingly its quite entertaining. I wasn’t expecting much after the later Cheech and Chong films such as Still Smoking but this is much better.

Essenstially its just Cheech and Chong without Cheech, although he does have a brief cameo in this. Also there is not much in the way of drug use either. Chongs character even at one point advising another not to use cocaine. Some cast members acting abilities are questionable and a lot of the jokes fall flat. But it is a lot of fun.

Just don’t expect another Up In Smoke! That way you should enjoy this more than say, Still Smoking.

Watch it next time its on TV…