Slaves of New York (1989)

30% – Critics
71% – Audience

Slaves of New York Storyline

Eleanor lives with the artist Stash. Just like his artist friends, he is completely unknown but is waiting for the big break. Stash is mean to her and finally she leaves him. Ironically, she gets her big break – as a hat designer.—Mattias Thuresson

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Slaves of New York Movie Reviews

Eleanor is so sweet.

I LOVE “Slaves of New York”! It´s a charming movie despite it being set in a contemporary big scruffy city. The reason is the main character, Eleanor, played by Bernadette Peters is so sweet! She feels she´s just a “normal” girl who wouldn´t mind having a kid, while living among all sorts of arty big city characters. I wish I had a friend like her. The film has a calm pace, not as frenetic as one would think about a movie about art types in New York. It´s a very underrated movie. It´s funny too in a low key way. It grows on you.

It’s all true

When I saw this movie, I thought it was surreal. Then I moved to New York and realized that it was just being honest. The movie takes place against the colorful (sometimes to a ridiculous extent) new york artist scene. I never read the book, so I don’t really know (or care) if the movie was true to it or not, but I thought that all the characters were well developed and gave some hilarious performances. The plot flowed seamlessly and by the end you know that, despite the fact that little of what you saw made much sense, there is some strange order to the world and that it’s all good. I find myself recommending this movie to all my friends as I would recommend it to anyone interested in New York, art, or the simultaneous crappiness and lovableness of humanity.

One of my favorite movies ever

No better 80s NY art world movie! It’s just that good. Get in the groove of the time period and i swear you won’t be disappointed. Bernadette Peters was amazing in it so underrated! AND Steve Buscemi.