Bloodmoon (1990)

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Bloodmoon Storyline

People are getting murdered down under via a barbed wire noose and then their eyes are gouged out. There are a variety of suspects at a nearby girls boarding school including students, teachers, and a nun. We also follow a rivalry between the local surfer townies and a group of preppy guys from a local all-boys school.—Josh Pasnak

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Bloodmoon Movie Reviews

Australia’s attempt at slasher

Plot = A private girls school St Elizabeth’s becomes a terrifying place to be, when girls begin to get killed off by maniacal killer and quickly buried, the police become baffled at these disappearances in a small town in Australia.

This was Australia’s effort at the ever growing popular slasher boom that started in the early 80’s but unfortunately this came out in 1990, which was when the slasher boom simply died down, and this really didn’t do anything to raise to dying craze.

Okay this isn’t a bad movie I actually quite enjoyed it, although the murder scenes are either quite tame or off-screen which I hate, apart from the scene where a girl has her face smashed into a desk, which is this movie’s main highlight in my opinion. But what annoyed me at times is the random interactions between the teen cast as some we see for the first part of the movie but when the killings start again we never see them again. And the fact that the killer is revealed quite early on.

The acting is fairly good by some, but fairly bad by others. Leon Lissik was quite enjoyable as the biology teacher Miles Sheffield who I really felt for when he was being cruelly dominated by his wife the head mistress, I also liked how his character quickly developed his true colours ranging really well. His wife Virginia (Christine Amor) did okay playing a total bitch but other than that she was a terrible actress. Helen Thomson played the final girl pretty well, very likable and attractive a character to root for and the nun played by Hazel Howman really kicked ass, especially in the end when she throws acid in the killer’s face, she was cool.

All in all a routine slasher flick that won’t break any new ground but was a fun waste of time.

Sex equals death.

By reputation “Bloodmoon” doesn’t seem to stand up so well, nonetheless it just seemed to draw me in (well captivating poster artwork helps a lot too) and since it just got a local DVD release (thanks to the 2008 documentary “Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!”) it was easy to get a hold of. It turned out to be competently stylish, but a generically penned (if sexually charged) Aussie slasher that after the opening sequence it seems to find itself in soapy TV material. This aspect is rather distracting and stodgy, before it finally goes on to build a head of steam for the last half hour of outrageous acts and jarring suspense. While not particularly successful as a whole, as it can be sloppy it still kept me watching. Something about the choice of locations constructs an effective small coastal town atmosphere (very similar to that of 1981 quirky Australian slasher “Dead Kids”) and it’s lit with moody visual shadings by director Alec Mills. The stalk and slash scenes are actually well executed and framed, especially in the latter half with a couple twisted acts of uncontrollable violence… but when the focus (during some long periods) is on the dramas / antics of the locals and a group of neighbouring boarding schools (girls and boys — who are on heat with constant flashes of female nudity) the suspense is truly forgotten about and its kept grounded with an authentic flavour but the cheesy handling doesn’t help and so did the lack of any development of recurring characters / side-stories. The patchy story doesn’t really offer any surprises (well maybe one moment — a death towards the end) and the revelation of the killer midway though shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Actually I thought it was better off unmasking the killer, because it was obvious but their choice of weapon a piece of barb wire would leave an unpleasant mark. The performances are surefooted with the likes of Christine Amor (immensely dominating), Leon Lissek (unusually picture-perfect), Ian Williams and Helen Thomson. Australian music composer Brian May has crafted out some stunning scores, but on this occasion it isn’t one of his best in what is a vibrant, but heavy-handed arrangement. When it was being ominous it worked, but for those softer and playful cues it doesn’t come off. It just lacked the fineness. Nothing sensational, but a better than labelled slasher.

Two movies for the price of one.

The first half is a generic slasher film that follows the sex-and-death formula dutifully, has waaaay too much filler and suffers from a strange lack of central characters; the glimpses of gratuitous nudity are virtually all this half has going for it. Then the killer is revealed, and the rest of the film looks as if it was made by a different director; one who knows a thing or two about suspense, and how to actually quicken your pulse. There are two major confrontations with the killer, and they are both particularly well-handled. I really don’t know what happened midway through production, but just as you’re ready to give up on the movie, it surprises you by turning out not-too-bad after all. By the way, be careful when you read some of the other reviews for this movie, they include some pretty big spoilers! (**)