Killing Spree (1987)

  • Year: 1987
  • Released: N/A
  • Country: United States
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  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Writer: Tim Ritter
  • Director: Tim Ritter
  • Cast: Asbestos Felt, Courtney Lercara, Raymond Carbone
  • Keywords: cheating, paranoia, serial killer, slasher, zombie, splatter,
56% – Critics
56% – Audience

Killing Spree Storyline

Tom feels that his wife is cheating on him. It doesn’t take long for his paranoia to get the best of him and he begins to murder the men he thinks his wife is sleeping with. Tom has the most inventive and gruesome ways of dealing with these unfortunate chaps.—Josh Pasnak

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Killing Spree Movie Reviews


This is a classic 80’s horror flick. Cool gore from Joel Harlow, who is now a big time FX artist. The DVD looks great and I am happy to see it availible for a new generation of gore fans. It has everything a fan wants from a Tim Ritter movie: good story(humorous) and good gore.


This is a film about a guy who thinks his wife is cheating on him, so he kills off a bunch of people while having flashbacks of his wife doing these awful things. The main character cuts a girl’s head off and tosses it from a really tall height, and it lands on a guy and kills the guy. She must have had a REALLY hard head. Also, check out hilarious deaths involving chainsaws and lawnmowers and splattered entrails and the like.

For whatever reason, all the characters come back to life as ZOMBIES at the end… uh, yeah. If you’re into serious horror films, you’ll probably hate this. The movie is surprisingly NOT played for laughs, though it’s way too ridiculous to take seriously most of the time… But, anyway, I liked this film a lot, and I think you will too.

Tim Ritter’s best!!!

This is so far from the mainstream that I can understand that not many people will like it. I,however, like this sort of flick. And as far, as no-budget indie horror flicks go, Tim Ritter is THE MAN. And this is definitely, my favorite of his movies. If you did not like this you will definitely hate his other movies, but if you saw ‘Truth or Dare’ or one of his other movies and thought it was cool then check this one for sure. It’s got great gore effects, a rather cool plot twist and, like most of Ritter’s flicks, as the goriness surmounts, the plot thins in almost a surreal manner which still today has me wondering if it was meant to or it just turns out that way….