School Spirit (1985)

39% – Critics
39% – Audience

School Spirit Storyline

The only thing keeping Billy Batson from the girl of his dreams is one little condom — or rather the lack of one. Lucky Billy finds one at an all-night roadhouse — but speeding back to his girl, he is killed in a head-on collision with a truck. Now invisible, Billy must find his sweetheart and rekindle her fire — but when he comes back to school as a ghost, his first stop is the girl’s locker room, and he’s beginning to “see” all the possibilities!—Concorde – New Horizons (with permission).

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School Spirit Movie Reviews

Although i usually don’t read the back cover I cou…

Although i usually don’t read the back cover I couldn’t help myself on this one, and i was happy to find out, although i loved every word of the backcover-text, that part was over in five minutes and the movie just kept getting more wonderful.

I just keep smiling throughout the movie and everything i want to happen, happens. And that’s by no means a put-down, but finally someone, who knows what a young-horny-men audience biggest fantasy is, to be able to sneak around the girls lockerroom or private shower, and when the time is right,become visible and get it on with them, and among those lovely 80’s-easy-chicks nothing can go wrong.

By far one of the best high-school 80’s movie i’ve seen in a long time.

Enjoyably inane 80’s T&A collegiate comedy blast

Horny college student and notorious troublemaker Billy Batson (a solid and likable performance by Tom Nolan) gets killed in an automobile accident just as he’s on the verging of scoring with his snobby girlfriend Judith Hightower (foxy Elizabeth Foxx). However, Billy returns to Earth as a ghost so he can still get laid.

Director Allen Holleb, working from a blithely silly script by Geoffrey Baere, keeps the entertaining, if asinine, story moving along at a zippy pace, maintains a good-natured bawdy’n’raucous tone throughout, and delivers a satisfying serving of tasty gratuitous female nudity that includes a very nice shower sequence. Moreover, it’s acted with zest by an enthusiastic cast: John Finnegan as Billy’s lecherous Uncle Pinky, Larry Linville as uptight killjoy President Grimshaw, Daniele Arnaud as sultry French honey Madeleine, Roberta Collins as the drunken Helen, Marta Kober as Grimshaw’s spunky rebellious daughter Ursula, Nick Segal as smarmy preppy jerk Gregg, and Toni Hudson as the sweet Rita. The groovy 80’s New Wave band Gleaming Spires appear as themselves. Best of all, such hot babes as Becky LeBeau, Pamela Ward, and Marlene Janssen all bare their yummy wares. A real goofy hoot.

Wow … The Lengths We’ll Go To

I truly enjoyed this movie, no pretension and tons of cheesy, horn-ball insanity. The aspect of this movie that really made it for me, that put it over the top, is that our protagonist is so horned-up and crazy to get some action that not only is his corpse clutching the condom that he died getting, but he actually comes back from the dead (!) and steals the condom from his cadaver’s grasp. THAT is dedication to getting yr freak on.

Check it out if you like the requisite teen / college sex-comedy fodder from the eighties ( private school, porky’s, up the creek, summer school, etc. )