Tora-san’s Song of Love (1983)


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Typically good stuff

This series really seems to excel whenever a singer or music is focused on, especially as the Madonna. Tora’s brief time with Harumi is one of the sweetest “romances” in the series in a while (inverted commas because in typical Tora-san fashion, it doesn’t progress very far).

The first half or so is really fun and engaging. I especially liked how Harumi was on the run in a sense, and seemed to relish her time with Tora because he treated her like a normal person rather than a larger than life celebrity, like everyone else in her life did.

The second half has its moments but drags a little, and does in the end hold the film as a whole back from greatness. But it remains a strong entry, and if you’ve made it this far into the series, it will leave you more than satisfied.