Forced Vengeance (1982)

  • Year: 1982
  • Released: 30 Jul 1982
  • Country: United States, Hong Kong
  • Adwords: N/A
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: R
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Writer: Franklin Thompson, James Fargo
  • Director: James Fargo
  • Cast: Chuck Norris, Mary Louise Weller, Camila Griggs
  • Keywords: martial arts, showdown, casino, war veteran, chinese mafia, revenge,
40% – Critics
40% – Audience

Forced Vengeance Storyline

Josh Randall works for the owner of a Hong Kong based casino and is treated like a son. When the owner is approached by someone who’s connected and wants to buy his casino, the man refuses the offer. Later the owner and son are killed. Josh then gets the man’s daughter and tries to protect her. Later Josh is pursued by the police and anyone who helps is killed. Josh tries to get to the people who did it.—

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Chinese BG codesubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
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Dutchsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Estoniansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Finnishsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Frenchsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Frenchsubtitle Forced.Vengeance.1982.DVDRip.XviD-aAF.Fr
Frenchsubtitle Forced.Vengeance.1982.DVDRip.XviD-aAF
Greeksubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Hebrewsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Hungariansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
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Lithuaniansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Macedoniansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Malaysubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Polishsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Portuguesesubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Russiansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Sloveniansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Swedishsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Thaisubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Thaisubtitle Forced
Turkishsubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane
Ukrainiansubtitle Forced_Vengeance_(1982)_DvDRip_x264-_jackane

Forced Vengeance Movie Reviews

“Chuck Norris kicks the hell out of people in Hong Kong!”

This is one of my favorite Chuck Norris movies. It has one of the best opening scenes ever with the silhouette of Chuck fighting an unknown adversary over a neon background. It looks fantastic and is such an innovative opening scene that really creates a cool atmosphere.

Josh Randall (Chuck Norris) is an ex-Special Forces Vietnam veteran who ends up in Hong Kong after the war, eventually becoming the head of security for the Lucky Dragon Casino, run by fellow American expatriate, Sam Pascal. When Sam is killed by an unscrupulous rival, Josh goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.The film is well paced with plenty of Chuck-related ass whupping and doesn’t skimp on the violence either. When Chuck’s girlfriend is murdered it’s a pretty shocking scene, especially the bad guy’s hair and mustache.

Overall, Forced Vengeance is a fun Chuck Norris flick with plenty of fight scenes and action to keep action fans happy. Worth Watching…8 out of 10

No one crosses Chuck Norris and lives !

Above comment would have been another Chuck Norris joke, but in this movie, it’s the truth. This is Chuck Norris in his hardest baddest role, and his early career monument to the legend of Chuck Norris.

Chuck shows no mercy to anyone that gets in his way. The unlucky bad guys doesn’t realize what they’re up against, as Chuck Norris obliterates them one by one. If they had internet in 1982, they would have fled Hong Kong long before Chuck Norris’ plane landed there.

Chuck just keeps giving his icy cold glare throughout this movie. There’s no charm, or sweetness in his character. He just coldly executes everyone who opposes him.

This is one of the best Chuck Norris movie from the early ’80s, and is worth every minute to see it if you’re a martial arts or Chuck Norris movie fan.

Two-fisted Norris again as an ex-soldier and casino security chief pitting Asian villains

Our hero Josh (Chuck Norris) , one man army , now as a Hong Kong Casino (the name of the Hong Kong night club and gambling house was “The Lucky Dragon Casino”) security bodyguard taking on bullies when are brutally killed his chief (David Opatoshu) and son . He attempts to save his chief’s daughter (Camila Griggs) from the clutches an evil mobster (Michael Cavanaugh) . Tough Norris battling Chinese triads with the only help his lovely fiancée (Mary Louise Weller) and confronts a sinister baddie like a human tank . For a little more entertainment , the human weapon Norris saves the girl and struggles some hired killers and criminal gangs . Later on , he is chased by the police and anyone who helps is murdered . Josh attempts to get to the violent hoodlums who did it .

This is a slang-bang , unstopped action film with variety martial acts though predictable . Indestructible Norris in yet another groan and grunt middling budget movie ; a routine non-sense , action-thriller that featured fourteen major action sequences . Written and filmed as “The Jade Jungle”, later the producers changed the title to “Forced Vengeance” during post production to make it sound more like an action film . Norris stars naturally taking on multiple opponents , cleaning up nasties from Far Orient and beats them , punches , knocks , kicks and defying the gravity in bounds and leaps . Chuck plays nicely an ex-Vietnam vet (like Colonel Braddock from Missing in action) turned security chief . Appears uncredited , almost extra , his true son Mike Norris ; besides as expert stunt , his brother and future director , Aaron Norris . Being one of numerous collaborations of actor-star Chuck Norris and brother stunt coordinator Aaron . Light-weight amusement with suspense , thriller and too much used Chop-Socky formula , leave no cliché untouched ; in addition , fights are well staged . Although taking some of stock footage from other films . The movie belongs to Norris’s early period , during the 80s , such as : ¨Force 7¨ , ¨Goods guys wear black¨ , ¨Octagon¨ , ¨Force of one¨ ,¨Eye for eye¨ , and ¨Code of silence¨ with successful box office as video rentals as cinemas . In the late 90s and 2000s , with exception ¨Walker Texas Ranger¨ , Norris stars has declined . The motion picture produced by MGM was professionally directed by James Fargo who directed two Clint Eastwood vehicles as ¨The enforcer¨ , ¨Every which way but loose¨. This movie is a must see if you’re a die-hard Norris fan.