Tora-san’s Heart of Gold (1976)


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When Tora-san’s infatuation with his nephew’s school teacher causes family turmoil, he leaves on his travels again. When he returns, he falls in love with the teacher’s mother, who has a terminal illness.

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If you liked the previous 17, you’ll almost definitely like this

Hits all the beats a good Tora-san movie needs to. No more, no less. I liked the focus Sakura’s husband got here, as he’s usually a very passive character. The older love interest does also bring some gentle but certainly noticeable emotional weight to the proceedings. Opening was one of the better ones, too. Even though it’s a dumb pun I’m pretty sure Torance of Arabia made me laugh out loud, which I’m not sure I’ve done since the first instalment, when Tora yelled out “butter” instead of “cheese” while taking a photo.