Tora-san, the Intellectual (1975)


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Tora-san returns to his family’s shop in Shibamata, Tokyo to find himself accused of being the father of a 17-year-old girl. It turns out that Tora-san had only given help to the girl’s mother after her husband had left her. Tora-san becomes infatuated with the female archeology student who is staying with his family, and attempts to take up intellectual pursuits to get near her.—patriot

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A step above the average Tora-san film

Clocking in at a lean 99 minutes (an ideal length for a Tora San film imo), this one ended up being quite ambitious for the series. It balances a usual romance plot, a storyline where Tora wants to become a student, a romantic rival of sorts, and a subplot involving a girl who mistakenly believes Tora is her father. Oh, and it introduces a new townsperson character of the policeman (I don’t think he’s been in the series so far at least?)

This all means it jumps around a bit, but it comes together nicely by the end. I think it’s a plot that I’ll come to remember a little more vividly than the average Tora-san entry.

It’s also a bit less emotionally intense than some of the sadder entries in the series, which I appreciated. Typically gentle humour and nice music, too, which is all but expected from these films at this point.