The Devil’s Wedding Night (1973)


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The 1800s: scholarly Karl Schiller believes he’s found the ring of the Nibelungen, which holds great power. It’s at Castle Dracula. His twin, Franz, a gambler, asks if vampires frighten Karl; Karl shows him an Egyptian amulet, which may protect him. Franz takes the amulet and sets out ahead of his brother, arriving at the castle first. There he finds a countess who invites him to dine. Later that night, Karl arrives. Coincidently, it’s the Night of the Virgin Moon, a night that falls every fifty years and draws five virgins from the surrounding village to the castle not be heard from again. Can Karl protect his brother, find the ring, and rescue any of the women?—

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The Devil’s Wedding Night Movie Reviews

A terrifically trashy piece of 70’s Eurosleaze horror junk

A top-rate, exquisitely trashy and sexy Eurosleaze Gothic horror treat starring the gorgeously sleek’n’slender brunette hottie supreme Rosalba (“Slaughter Hotel”) Neri as a wicked bisexual Translyvanian vampire countess who every year sacrifices five virgins in order to appease Satan and retain her immortality. Furthermore, the thoroughly luscious Ms. Neri regularly bathes in the pure maidens’ blood to keep her youthful beauty. The eternally insipid Mark Damon offers twice the blandness as a studious, bookish dweeb and his more loose, fun-loving party hearty womanizing heel twin brother (guess which one falls under Neri’s evil, yet irresistibly alluring spell and winds up being turned into a vampire while searching for a precious rare glowing magical red amulet that Neri possesses). Fortunately Damon’s drabness is more than compensated for by the spooky, misty atmosphere (the sequence where a writhing nude Neri takes a bloodbath is truly striking and beautifully shot), a wonderful overabundance of gratuitous female nudity, a nice smattering of steamy soft-core sex, plentiful gory violence, some deliciously gaudy psychedelic visual flourishes (the occasional use of shaky hand-held camera and prowling panning shots likewise seriously smoke), a robust, rousing, sweeping orchestral score, a bang-up nihilistic surprise ending, and Neri’s searingly hot and hypnotic screen presence. A scuzzy hoot.

Cheesy and sleazy, but also rather boring in places.

Some bright red gore, the naked charms of several sexy women, including star Rosalba Neri, and a few unintentional laughs are the main attractions of this otherwise rather tedious vampiric potboiler. Appearing opposite a bland Mark Damon, Neri plays bride of Dracula La Contessa Dolingen de Vries, who uses the fabled ring of the Nibelungen to lure virgins to her castle. Damon plays dual roles (when he isn’t really up to just the one), that of archaeologist Franz Schiller, who goes to the castle in search of the ring, and of his twin brother Karl, who follows, too late to save his sibling but not too late to end the Contessa’s reign of terror.

As is often the case in such Gothic Euro horror, there’s an awful lot of wandering around the castle, with an obligatory storm raging overhead, all of which is fairly mundane, but at least director Luigi Batzella sees fit to punctuate the boredom with the occasional spot of sleaze: the Contessa has sex with Franz, giving the viewer a good eyeful of Neri’s bod; Neri also gets naked whilst taking a blood bath, the red stuff poured all over her chest by faithful housemaid Lara (Esmeralda Barros); the Contessa and Lara have a lesbian romp; and five virgins are stripped naked before being stabbed in the neck, their blood gushing over their bare breasts. All good stuff.

Also reasonably fun: the fight between Karl and a bald hunchbacked vampire; the trippy laughing scene (I haven’t a clue what that was all about); Karl hacking off the Contessa’s hand; the Contessa turning into a huge bat to attack comely innkeeper’s daughter Tanya (Francesca Romana Davila); and the silly surprise ending.

5.5 out of 10, rounded up to 6 for the hilarious moment when the Contessa holds up the magical ring to Karl and he starts to do Tai Chi. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

Occasionally effective Italian sleaze.

Two brothers searching in Transylvania for the legendary ‘Ring of Nibelungen’ fall under the spell of the sexy and evil Countess De Vries(Rosalba Neri)who uses the ring to attract the local virgins to her foreboding castle where they fall victim to her bloody rituals.This soft core piece of Italian erotica offers plenty of sleaze and nudity.Rosalba Neri is the convincing bloodsucker that spends much of the film in an advanced state of undress.In one memorable scene the Countess writhes around in a coffin in the pink while the faithful maid slowly pours a pitcher of fresh virgin blood over her naked body.Unfortunately the action is quite dull and there is almost no suspense.Still if you like lesbian vampire movies you can give it a look.7 out of 10.