Violent Blood Bath (1974)

  • Year: 1974
  • Released: N/A
  • Country: Spain, Italy
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Spanish
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Writer: Jorge Grau, Juan Tébar, Guy de Maupassant
  • Director: Jorge Grau
  • Cast: Fernando Rey, Marisa Mell, Máximo Valverde
  • Keywords: execution, luxury hotel, downbeat, corrupt judge, spanish giallo,

Violent Blood Bath Storyline

A magistrate judge and his young beautiful wife are on holiday at a sea-side resort where mysteriously some of the guests and locals are being brutally murdered in the same fashion as several killers the judge had previously sentenced to death.

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Violent Blood Bath Movie Reviews

solid thriller with giallo undertones

A most misleading title English for a very fine film, which may be why it has become so neglected. Fernando Rey is great as the ageing judge reflecting upon his career as someone keen to make use of the death penalty wherever he saw necessary. Some of this seems to be coming back to haunt him and we see something of these terrible murders (hence the title, but still misleading, this is no stalk and slash). Instead we have a gripping tale with many twists and turns and if we see little gore or skin for that matter, there are other compensations. Not least the lovely Marisa Mell who puts in a sterling performance matching that of the great man himself. Good solid thriller with giallo undertones and a very good dub plus fine cinematography. Well worth catching if you can.

Voodoo Rey

It’s not very violent, there’s just a bit of blood, and there’s a swimming pool but no baths in this interesting giallo from the director of The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue.

Fernando Rey is a nervous, OCD-afflicted Judge on holiday with his young wife Marissa Mell, who is trying her hardest to put up with all his quirks. Both have problems. Fernando discovers that a money order has been sent to a man he condemned to death three years after his execution, and this money seems to have been sent by the dead man himself. This not only prompts some flashbacks, but also leads him to discover that a family has been brutally murdered in the exact same way the executed man carried out his initial attacks.

Marissa Mell’s problems is that her ex-boyfriend has reappeared on the scene and Fernando’s behaviour isn’t exactly helping her stay faithful, so while he’s off trying to track down some copy-cat killer this ex of hers is giving her the eyeball, putting the moves on her, but is he legit or is he up to something? When other crimes start to be recreated, things get a bit desperate for Fernando.

If you’ve watched several hundred of these films already you may find that this one is easy to solve, but when you’ve got Fernando Rey in the main role that’s okay, because he’s a fascinating actor to watch. Other than that, this is a bit of a lightweight giallo without the cheese or over the top madness we’ve come to expect. Not a bad film though.

Well made and well acted suspense/murder mystery

The English language title – “Violent Blood Bath” – is an unfortunate misnomer. It gives the impression that this as a splatter movie and yet the entire amount of blood shown in this movie was less than 1/2 bottle of Max Factor #5. The Italian title – “The Private Life of a Public Prosecutor” – is more descriptive but less grabbing.

This is a competently made movie: well acted by both Fernando Rey and Marisa Mell, a dark beauty. It is dubbed so well that it is hardly noticeable. It is beautifully photographed, for the most part, in some interesting, and very scenic, locations.

It has enough suspense, although you may guess who the real killer is before the actual denouement . Not a great movie; it is definitely above average and well worth a look.