Tora-san’s Grand Scheme (1970)


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After winning big at the races, Torajiro wants to take his aunt and uncle on a trip to Hawaii to partly pay the great filial debt he feels he owes them, but the plan hits a snag. Also, a pretty kindergarten teacher rents a room at Toraya.

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While not life-changing, it is pleasant entertainment.

A few months ago, a four-DVD set of the first four Tora-san was released here in the US. I cannot find any further films in the series–at least not with English subtitles. This is sad, as I have really enjoyed the films and wish I could see more from this very long-lived and prolific series. If anyone knows about any further releases, please let me know.

This installment finds Tora-san a bit less of an annoying screw-up than usual. In fact, he accidentally makes good early on in the show when he arrives back in town after making a killing at the horse races. And, in a nice gesture, he offers to take his long-suffering Aunt and Uncle to Hawaii with him on vacation. Sadly, however, when they are getting ready to leave (amid great fanfare), Tora-san learns that the travel agent ran off his money. Instead of telling everyone, he waits until the three arrive at the airport–as he didn’t want to lose face in front of all the neighbors who had come to see them off on their journey. This was understandable–especially since appearances mean so much to Tora-san. However, what happens next is pretty goofy–and pure Tora-san. He insists that the three of them secretly return home and pretend that the house is STILL empty–and convinces his Aunt and Uncle to remain quiet in the home. His plan is just to pretend they DID go to Hawaii and buy a few pineapples to bring back with them! Oddly, when this plan falls apart (as most of Tora-san’s do), the Aunt and Uncle unmercifully blame him for everything! For once, Tora-san hadn’t really done anything wrong–and naturally he stomps off as a result. But, his promise to ‘never come back’ was short-lived and he’s back only a month later. This time, however, he is back to his old ways and makes a total nuisance of himself. That’s because in the interim a pretty school teacher moves into the guest room and Tora-san is infatuated–and acts like a big-shot blow-hard. It’s strange how his family put up with all this–yet were angry about Tora for the theft of their vacation! All in all, like the first three films, this is a slow-paced slice of life film. It won’t change your life but it is quite enjoyable and well made. Worth seeing–particularly if you like Japanese movies–which I definitely do.