Carry on Loving (1970)

  • Year: 1970
  • Released: 20 Nov 1970
  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Writer: Talbot Rothwell
  • Director: Gerald Thomas
  • Cast: Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey
  • Keywords: virgin, bachelor, wrestler, sexual humor, love, scam,
49% – Critics
49% – Audience

Carry on Loving Storyline

Various events involve a dating agency run by Sid Bliss (Sid James) and his long time girlfriend Sophie Plummett (Hattie Jacques). Their “Wedded Bliss” agency purports to bring together lonely-hearts using computer-matching technology, but couples are actually paired up by Sophie. Bliss consistently avoids marrying Sophie, enthusiastically pursuing Esme Crowfoot (Joan Sims), a seamstress and client who consistently rejects his advances.Percival Snooper (Kenneth Williams) becomes a client to find a wife for business reasons: as a confirmed bachelor, he’s inept at his job as a marriage counselor due to lack of personal experience. James Bedsop (Charles Hawtrey) is a private detective Sophie hires to spy on Sid’s after-hours activities when he supposedly “vets” the female clients, including Esme.Timid Bertram Muffet (Richard O’Callaghan) winds up with model Sally Martin (Jacki Piper) after the agency muddles his directions to a blind date. Sally is a nude model & believes that Muffet is a photographer from the photo agency. Sally takes him to her house for a nude photo-shoot, which makes Muffet extremely uncomfortable. Sally gets into a bikini before it is clear that Muffet is from the wedding agency & was looking for Esma Crowfoot (Sid had deliberately muddled the appointment as Sophie had forced him into it, and he never wanted Esma to get married to anyone)Client Terry Philpotts (Terry Scott) suffers several failures in his dealings with the agency including a disastrous meeting with prim, sheltered Jenny Grubb (Imogen Hassall). Jenny moves in with Sally, undergoes a makeover, and becomes a model. Terry later finds romance with the “new” Jenny.Muffet calls the agency where Sophie picks the phone. Muffet complains that Esma never showed up for the date. Sophie understands that Sid is deliberately shielding Esma. She gives Esma’s home address to Muffet, fully knowing the Sid is likely to there, which he is. What Sid finds to his horror is that Esma’s estranged lover, volatile wrestler Gripper Burke (Bernard Bresslaw), returns while he is inside Esma’s apartment. He escapes via the fire escape, just when Muffet arrives at Esma’s apartment looking for a date with her. Muffet is badly roughed up by Gripper.Sally visits Muffet in the hospital & offers to take the relationship forward with a proper date. Sophie tells Percival that the most compatible profile with Percival is Sophie herself. Percival’s association with Sophie provokes his jealous housekeeper, dowdy Miss Dempsey (Patsy Rowlands), to reveal her seductive side.Sid is angry at Snooper for snaring Sophie from him. So, he tells Esma to call Snooper’s house, when Sophie is meeting Snooper & calls Gripper to give him Snooper’s address, telling him that he will find Esma there. Esma claims that she is Snooper’s lover & is carrying her child. Sophie sees this & believes that Snooper is dishonest & that Esma is not interested in Sid. Gripper reaches Snooper’s house & finds Esma there & attacks Snooper, but Dempsey handles him & wrestles him out of the house.The next day Sophie returns to Sid, hoping to reconcile only to find from James Bedsop that Sid had used Esma to break up Sophie from Snooper. Sophie is ready to walk out when Sid proposes marriage. The couple arranges a reception with all the couple that they helped bring together. At the reception, Gripper attacks Sid as he recognizes the suit, he is wearing to the one he found in Esma’s bedroom the night he returned. This leads to a huge cake fight in the group.Peter Butterworth appears in a 1-minute cameo as a Bluebeard like character jokingly referred to as Dr. Crippen. He approaches Sid Bliss to find his third wife. His first wife died eating poisoned mushrooms, the second suffered a fractured skull because “she wouldn’t eat the mushrooms.”

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Carry on Loving Movie Reviews

Carry on!!!

This is a good film.It is taking a storyline about love and sex but its not bad.Sid is as magical as ever as Sidney Bliss the owner of the wedded Bliss agency with his partner Sophie Plummet( Hattie Jacques).Imogen Hassle makes her only Carry on appearance as Jenny Grub a charming girl under the thumb of old fashioned parents.Terry Scott has his eyes on her and they soon hit it off. Joan Sims is good as Esme Crowfoot one of Sids clients who he has a eye for.Bernie is Gripper a wrestler Esme Crowfoots partner.This is funny but not really Bernie in my opinion.Richard O Callaghan makes his second appearance as Bertram Muffet.Jackie Piper stars as Sally Martin.Kenneth Williams is Percival Snooper an eccentric marriage guidance counsellor. Charles Hawtrey is James Bedsop a spy who Hattie is paying to spy in Sid. This is one of the gangs finest performances its not hard to see why the food fight at the end is classic.Everyone is enjoying themselves. 10/10

Not the best, but it was fun enough

I personally liked this Carry On. True the story is thin, Terry Scott is nothing special(in my opinion)-in fact I found him bland- really and the film spends too much time on Scott and the regulars feel underused in comparisons. However, it does look good, with the cinematography, locations and scenery first rate, and the music was energetic. I liked the pacing, and the innuendos and double entendres. And the cast in general are likable, Sidney James and Kenneth Williams are always good value as is Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jaques, while Joan Hickson and Imogen Hassal make delightful appearances. Overall, Carry on Loving is not brilliant, but it is definitely watchable for fans of the series. 7/10 Bethany Cox

This Film Is Fun

This film is about hooking up and stars Sid James as Sidney Bliss, who runs the Wedded Bliss Agency along with Hattie Jacques. A series of lonely hearts come in looking for their significant others and this movie basically is a series of vignettes about what happens. The worlds do collide somewhat and while things get chaotic, they are also fun. This film is truly a product of its time in that there are open displays of affection and the young ladies wear miniskirts. This was the first film with the very pretty Jacki Piper, buts its the ensemble aspect of this film which makes it work. Its a sex comedy without the nudity. Its fun and enjoyable.