Zatoichi and the Fugitives (1968)


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Blind masseur and master swordsman Zatoichi becomes involved with a gang of bandits hiding out in a small village. While they hide in the attic of a silk mill, they manipulate the corrupt chief official of the town. Simultaneously Zatoichi tries to rescue a young woman from the sweatshop conditions of the mill. Eventually he must confront not only the leaders of the town but the outlaw gang in battle.—Jim Beaver

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Zatoichi and the Fugitives Movie Reviews

Gloomily tragic atmosphere contrasted by sympathetic characters

Zatoichi and the Fugitives is the eighteenth entry in the Japanese franchise about the blind masseur, skilled swordsman and lowly yakuza. The film convinces with gloomy atmosphere, profound characters and brutal fight sequences. Zatoichi comes to a region that is terrorized by a group of cruel criminals and to a town controlled by a greedy boss who treats indebted citizens like slaves. Zatoichi stays at the local doctor’s residence and grows fond of the generous man and his kind daughter. Things start getting complicated when an inspector comes to town who is looking for the fugitive criminals and when the leader of these criminals is revealed to be the doctor’s disowned son. The greedy boss cooperates with the cruel fugitives and Zatoichi steps up to prevent further bloodbaths. However, the doctor and his daughter get kidnapped and Zatoichi gets severely wounded. The injured swordsman must free his friends, deal with the cruel fugitives and confront the evil boss.

This movie convinces on many levels. First of all, it has a quite gloomy atmosphere showing intimidation, slavery and torture. Secondly, the movie’s sinsiter tone is contrasted by a few likeable characters such as the generous doctor and his helpful daughter. Thirdly, the fight sequences are among the most intense in the franchise and especially the final thirty minutes when a severly injured Zatoichi takes his revenge are extremely intense. One has never seen Zatoichi as vulnerable as in this movie which only seems to make him stronger. The movie’s tragic end is quite a tearjerker and also leaves a big impression.

There aren’t many negative things to say. Obviously, the story is once again quite predictable but that’s the case for nearly all movies of the franchise. The middle section is atmospheric but maybe slightly plodding and could have been shortened by a few minutes for a more fluid and vivid experience.

Still, this movie’s brutal, desperate and gloomy atmosphere makes it one of the most remarkable entries in the franchise. Fans of old date, occasional fans of chambara films and those who are curious about the massive Zatoichi saga but haven’t checked it out yet should appreciate Zatoichi and the Fugitives alike.

Katsu Shintaro paired with Shimura Takashi, leads to good film

As others have suggested, I also get the impression that the studio was trying a little extra to keep the Zatoichi enterprise chugging along and making money. The film mostly succeeds.

It’s great to see Takashi Shimura in a supporting role as Dr. Junan. Even though he is aged in this appearance and his hair is white, who can forget the thick lips and the fine acting in previous films like Seven Samurai, Drunken Angel and Ikiru? There is also more blood in this entry, a sign of things to come.

Zatoichi takes on a group of vicious thugs. Zatoichi is befriended by Dr. Junan. In the end, taking on the thugs destroys his friendship with the doctor.

Well, you’ve seen the same story unfold numerous times before, but it’s still an enjoyable ride.

One of the best in the series…don’t expect much comedy though.

Zatoichi and the fugitives is definitely one the few that stands out from the rest of the series much like how ‘Zatoichi and the chess expert’ and ‘Zatoichi the outlaw’ did (that is if you watched the films in the order it was released).

‘Zatoichi and the Fugitives’ features some of the most ruthless villains to have appeared in any of the zatoichi films preceding this title. These villains really gave ‘Zato no Ichi’ (played by Shintaro Katsu) a tough time. Its the first time I actually worried for his safety which is a rarity since he is mostly portrayed as a practically invincible swordsmen as seen in ‘Adventures of Zatoich’ where he slayed an entire guard post with scores of skilled swordsmen. However this time Zatoichi has many close calls which gives a change of pace from the mass-slaying zatoichi we are so used to, suspense is no stranger to this film.

Takashi Shimura of ‘Seven Samurai’ and ‘Red Beard’ fame that played Dr Junan really left me impressed. The dynamic between the blind gangster/swordsmen/anma and the kind-hearted doctor made for a very entertaining watch. Takashi Shimura did not disappoint.

The use of Manzai comedy and the customary gambling scene where Zatoichi always manages to split the loaded dice in half is left out of this film. Instead one can expect a dark and suspenseful tale with a very solid story that doesn’t feel too reminiscent of the previous 17 films.

If you have made it to the 18th installment of the long-time running zatoichi series than that means your already hooked to this very likable icon. Zatoichi and the fugitives is definitely one of my favorite Zatoichi films.