Wait Until Dark (1967)

96% – Critics
91% – Audience

Wait Until Dark Storyline

While trying to smuggle a cache of heroin hidden in a doll into the United States through JFK from a flight originating in Montreal, Lisa spots an adversary at JFK, so she hands off the doll to an unsuspecting man she just met, a New York photographer named Sam Hendrix, from who she plans on retrieving the doll later. However, Sam misplaces the doll once he gets home. That adversary, a sadistic criminal named Harry Roat, using an argument they can’t refuse, convinces two of Lisa’s just released from prison associates, Mike Talman and Carlino, to assist him in retrieving the doll from Sam’s Greenwich Village apartment, them without even knowing what’s inside, or without any of the three knowing that Hendrix has no idea where the doll is anymore. Roat, Talman and Carlino believe their task is all the more easy when they learn that Sam’s wife, Susy Hendrix, is blind. As Susy is still adjusting to her recent blindness, Sam does whatever he can to make her as self-sufficient as possible, which she often still resents. They concoct a seemingly innocuous plan to infiltrate Susy’s life while Sam is conveniently sent out of town on business. If the plan goes awry at any point, Susy would have no idea that her life would be in danger. What Roat, Talman and Carlino may be unaware of is that Susy does have eyes in the form of the Hendrix’s precocious adolescent neighbor, Gloria, who knows more about the missing doll than she initially lets on, and that Susy may have certain advantages in life due to her blindness.

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Wait Until Dark Movie Reviews


Excellent,very underrated suspense where Audrey Hepburn shows how much

eclectic she was from psychological dramas (children’s hour) to musicals (My fair lady)to thrillers “in camera ” like this absorbing exciting “wait until dark” .Directed by Terence YOung (who directed the best James Bond bar one -Goldfinger-),it never gives the feeling of watching a filmed stage production and however it was a play in the first place.Hepburn is wonderful as the courageous blind woman who ‘s got to fight against killers (and she gets fine support from Richard Crenna and Alan Arkin) in her apartment.Influenced by “rear window” ,it’s perhaps not as good as Hitch’s classic,but it rises to the occasion.The scene when Hepburn shoots out (and smashes) all the lights is mind-boggling.So is the fridge’s terrifying sequence which climaxes the movie.

Every cine buff fond of suspense deserves -and must see- “Wait until dark” Sit down and get some scares…in the dark of course.

Wow, I was really, really wrong about this one…

For years, I avoided seeing this film. After all, I thought, how can you base an entire film on such a flimsy plot?! Some guys terrorize a blind lady in her apartment–how interesting can that be?! Well, I finally broke down and saw it–and I was really surprised. The film had MUCH more depth than I’d suspected and it was amazingly taut thriller.

The film begins with an old man sewing some heroin into a doll. The doll is then taken aboard a plane by a lady and she convinces a nice guy (Efram Zimbalist Jr.) to carry it for her. Later, some very evil men come to get the doll–and the trail has led to Zimbalist’s home. But he and his blind wife (Audrey Hepburn) have no idea what’s going on nor that their lives are in danger. Now here is where it gets interesting. The three criminals (Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna and Jack Weston) decide that instead of just bursting in the place and ransacking it, they’ll run a scam on the blind woman–and that is where the film gets REALLY interesting. I’d say more, but don’t want to spoil the suspense. However, the film gets really, really creepy and the plot offered man surprises because it was so intelligently written. A few things I liked was the interesting child in the film (very unusual and different) and the wild ending. Overall, I major surprise to me and one of Hepburn’s better films.

Don’t accept things from strangers

Although Audrey Hepburn got an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for this film it might have been interesting to see what Lee Remick who inaugurated the part of the terrorized blind woman on Broadway did with the role. I guess Hepburn was certainly a bigger film name than Remick.

You will never see a woman more frightened on the screen than Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark. Being blind her eyes have to go blank for the role. But with body language and voice she conveys more fright than any three of us could handle in real life.

Watching Wait Until Dark when Samantha Jones hands Hepburn’s husband Efrem Zimbalist that doll which is ostensibly a souvenir of her travels, I was put in mind of all those post 9/11 warnings about accepting items from strangers at an airport. But in this case this was after they landed and cleared customs. The doll inside contained a kilo or three of heroin and Jones was going to hold out on her partner Alan Arkin and do some side business on her own.

Arkin’s not a man to trifle with. With what he does with Jones you know he’ll have no hesitation in doing something sick and horrible to an innocent like Hepburn who knows she has this doll.

Arkin taking advantage of her blindness tries to work a con on Hepburn with confederates Richard Crenna and Jack Weston to get the doll. The details I won’t tell you, but the man does have a scheming mind and it gives Arkin a chance to play multiple characters for Hepburn and the movie going public.

Richard Crenna with this film broke into serious acting on the big screen. He’s a small time grifter but not up for some of the sick stuff that Arkin is into. Quite a change from the parts on the small screen he was best known for, Luke McCoy on The Real McCoys and Walter Bedeker on Our Miss Brooks.

I’m surprised that Crenna and Arkin were not given some Oscar consideration along with Hepburn who got the only Academy recognition. She lost to that other Hepburn who won for Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.

Wait Until Dark has some similarities to Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder in that it’s set on one set for the most part. It’s as thrilling as the Hitchcock film, though not as cerebral.