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The Angélique series comes to a conclusion in this fifth film. Angélique’s unparalleled beauty lands her in trouble. She is captured and brought to the harem of the Mulay Ismail, Sultan of Morocco. However, the rebellious beauty refuses to be tamed…—L. Hamre

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Angélique 5: Waiting and wishing

Peyrac follows the vessel of the pirates who abducted his beloved Angélique, but finds that she is not board of that ship anymore. She is in the hands of the slave trader who had lost the auction for her, decided to steal her if he can’t buy her, then the trader passes her on to the sultan’s harem. Now Peyrac cannot openly sail into the port of Algiers with the whole crew, so he goes there alone, disguised as a galley slave, hoping to free Angélique somehow. But he finds that she is well guarded and already on her way across the desert… never to return?

Colorful oriental adventure, basically worth watching and a good final part of the series. But the problem is the second third of the movie. The first 30 minutes were exciting, but in the next 30 minutes nothing is happening. Angélique sits in the harem, waiting either for the sultan or Peyrac to appear. You have to sit through 30 minutes, too, until in the last half hour, the action starts to move again. I voted 8/6/7/6/6 for the 5 movies of the series. Actors Mercier and Hossein continued their co-operation with a western, ‘Cemetary Without Crosses’, but the Angélique series was finished, probably at the right time before it became tiresome.

Resolution comes to conclusion series

Lots more getting capture and then escaping, and just yeah basically, the Sultan is in charge of some desert palace and pretty much just yeah. Careful of topless smut scene of Angelique getting whipped. The buildup to the Sultan meet is like a lot of talk about him that he is made to be a big deal, but his palace looks just kinda not different from like any other house and the outside, it is like one desert palace in the middle of a desert, seems like a governor level person. Algiers just gains their independence from France so this aftermath is definitely the reason for that setting.

The series limps to a finale

By now, there have been four other Angélique films and the series is simply losing momentum. As far as this film goes, it is the least interesting of the series by far–so it isn’t surprising that the films were discontinued after this one.

This film finds Angélique in a North African Muslim kingdom where she is now part of the Sultan’s harem. Most of the first 2/3 of this film consist of her angrily refusing to be bedded as well as their trying to literally beat some sense into her. It all seems to go on too long and I was surprised that the Sultan simply didn’t have her killed. Late in the film, she finally escaped with the help of two Christian prisoners and in the end she is FINALLY reunited with her husband–but not until there is a nasty twist near the end where her handsome rescuer is needlessly killed. My wife, in particular, hated this ending as the nice blond guy seems to have been killed off for no particular reason–and he was a pretty swell guy.

Overall, worth seeing if you’ve seen the other films but not an especially engaging film and there just isn’t a whole lot of plot. As a result, this film simply limps to a conclusion.