The Silencers (1966)

  • Year: 1966
  • Released: 16 Mar 1966
  • Country: United States
  • Adwords: 2 nominations
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p, 720p
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: TV-PG
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Runtime: 102 min
  • Writer: Donald Hamilton, Oscar Saul
  • Director: Phil Karlson
  • Cast: Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi
  • Keywords: aftercreditsstinger, spy, spoof, matt helm,
11% – Audience

The Silencers Storyline

Enjoying an enviable bachelor lifestyle, the former super-agent and now suave playboy photographer, Matt Helm, finds himself back in action, when MacDonald, the head of the Intelligence and Counter Espionage secret agency, visits him. With the evil Chinese agent, Tung-Tze, and his underground terrorist organisation known only as “The Big-O” behind a murderous scheme to blanket the South-western United States with a radioactive cloud, Matt has less than two days to thwart the criminal mastermind’s plans for world domination. Now, armed with a wide array of ingenious counter-espionage gadgetry, Matt and his well-meaning but not-so-helpful assistant–the beautiful barmaid, Gail Hendricks–will have to avert the impending catastrophe single-handedly. Can the man from I.C.E. save the day?

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The Silencers Movie Reviews

Matt Helm comes of retirement to carry out a new assignment , being sympathetically played by Dean Martin

A plotless spoof of James Bond movie with a mismatched cast , entertainment and bizarre amusement . Run-of-the-mill spy , rip-off movie with usual ingredients : wonderful girls with mini-skirts , pursuits , fights , fantastic gadgets , helicopters , luxurious cars and a complete mess . Silly spoof , resulting to be a typical product of the Sixties played by a motley cast of dozens . It deals with a veteran , retired spy , Matt Helm : Dean Martin , who’s assigned a new mission . Matt is re-activated in order to take down an evil organization from exploding an atom bomb over the United States . It seems that the nasty organization Big O headed by Tung-Ze : Victor Buono has an evil scheme called “Operation: Fallout , as he will explode an atomic bomb over Alamogordo and subsequently to begin WWIII between USA and Russia . But only Matt Helm can stop them , that is if Matt can stay away from the babes and the booze. Follow Matt Helm secret agent from bedroom to bedlam with guns, girls and dynamite! Matt Helm shoots the works! . The Slaygirls will slay you! . Girls, Gags & Gadgets! . The Best Spy Thriller of Nineteen Sexty-Sex! . Meet Matt Helm and his Slaygirls! . Slaygirls will slay you and so will Lovey Kravezit! . Follow his secret from bedroom to bedlam, with guns, girls and dynamite!

This funny but virtually failed film can stand as one of the amusing spoofs marking the 1960s comedy . This first Matt Helm movie , being based on the novels “The Silencers” and “Death of a Citizen” from Donald Hamilton and really influenced by Sean Connery’s James Bond series , Euro-spy movies and maybe ¨Get Smart¨ writers watched this film before making their series . It has entertainment and amusement enough , displaying some diverting sketches , though with lots of flaws and gaps , as it does tend to get a bit old , but it has big fun , so it cares . And yet there are some attractive bits within , adding scenes of bizarre hilarity . It is a colorful lark , though very dated in its shiny Sixties pop-art way . Still , the all-star-cast is fun , and it stars Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm who must save the American atomic missile system from sabotage and standing out Daliah Lavi as gorgeous , sexy Tina . As the main enjoyment is to guess who’s the beautiful girl appearing here and there , including the following ones : Daliah Lavi , Stella Stevens, Nancy Kovack , Cyd Charisse , Beverly Adams . Along with a plethota of notorious secondaries as Victor Buono , Arthur O’Connell , Robert Webber , James Gregory , Roger C. Carmel , Richard Devon , among others . It is followed ¨Murderer’s Row¨(1966) and ¨The Wrecking Crew¨(1968) and there’s a TV series : ¨Matt Helm¨ starred by David Janssen .

It packs a colorful and shimmering cinematography by Burnett Guffey. Likewise , catching and agreeable musical score by Elmer Bernstein , including an enjoyable leitmotif . This rompy spoof motion picture was professionally directed by Phil Karlson . There were no half measures in this filmmaker . He would make adventure movies or violent and noir films . As he directed Western as ¨Gunman’s walk¨ , ¨They rode west¨, ¨Texas rangers, ¨Iroquois trail¨ and Gansters genre or Noir films as ¨Phoenix city story¨ and ¨Scarface mob¨ . Failure alternated with hits through his career, though Karlson’s direction was more than successful in ¨ Walking tall¨ with invaluable help of Joe Don Baker . The Silencers(1966) rating : Acceptable and passable spy movie , 6/10 .The flick will appeal to Dean Martin fans . Not wanting to compete with the Sean Connery vehicles , this movie was intented to be a stylish spoof but it was wrong . It is funny and attractive ; nevertheless , for some reviewers , it’s an overlong failure and overblown bore .

Helm takes off

Dean Martin stars in this spy spoof, the beginning of the Matt Helm series. Matt may have a blase attitude about his duties and all the beautiful women around him throwing themselves at him, but he still carries out his duties well and ends up obliging the women, with good humor and lines. The screenplay is interspersed with Dean’s singing, lending to the lighthearted atmosphere. While tongue in cheek, the plot is good, as Victor Buono plays the lead villain who is seeking to engineer a nuclear disaster. Among many gorgeous women in this male fantasy, the leading one is Stella Stevens, who plays Gail Hendrix, suspected of being a spy till the end. There is a nice scene when she and Dean are pulled over in a car on the highway in a rainstorm. Some people just don’t enjoy spoofs, but I do if they are well done, and with its many nice elements I enjoyed this more than most real things.

Smarmy or funny…you decide.

This is the first of four Matt Helm movies starring Dean Martin as the super spy. According to IMDB, these films bear little resemblance to the books, as the books were serious spy stories…whereas this is all tongue-in-cheek comedy….with a strong emphasis on sex.

This film is a parody of “Dr. No”….though sometimes the Bond films seemed to be parodies as well (such as the names of the female leads in “Goldfinger” and “Moonraker”). In this one, a Dr. No-knockoff (Victor Buono) is bent on using his evil lair to take control of nuclear missiles in order to touch off a new world war. After all, everyone needs their kicks.

As you would expect, there is a lot of smarmy humor and sexy women…the sort of stuff that would particularly appeal to 11-14 year-old boys. Here in “The Silencers” are several sexy ladies. However, the leading lady, though gorgeous, is atypical. Instead of the usual sophisticated ladies, Stella Stevens plays a complete klutz who somehow manages to do well in dealing with the baddies…mostly by mistake.

So is this picture any good? Well, it depends on you and your tastes. I assume most women (particularly the feminists out there) would dislike it strongly. After all, the film is unabashedly sexist. As I already mentioned, pubescent boys will love the movie. As far as adult men go…well, I have no idea. I watched it as a time-passer as I was cleaning my bathroom…and I wouldn’t normally bother with such trifling pictures. But, although it’s dopey…it’s also likeable in a brainless sort of way.