Shanty Tramp (1967)

  • Year: 1967
  • Released: 21 Jun 1967
  • Country: United States
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: R
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Runtime: 72 min
  • Writer: K. Gordon Murray, Reuben Guberman, Joseph G. Prieto
  • Director: Joseph G. Prieto
  • Cast: Eleanor Vaill, Otto Schlessinger, Lewis Galen
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Shanty Tramp Storyline

On a hot night in Dixie, the local shanty tramp heads out for adventure and leaves disaster in her wake. The lust she excites in the local men leads to fights, murders, lynch mobs, ruined reputations, and broken homes.—D.A. Kellough

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Shanty Tramp Movie Reviews

A great “party film”

This film is so sleazy that you’ll want to take a shower after watching it–and that’s exactly what makes it so much fun. There’s something here to offend and repulse everyone. It’s the story of a southern white trash party girl looking for thrills, who lures a virtuous young black guy into destruction, along the way having some unforgettable sexual encounters with (a) a crooked tent-revival preacher, (b) a sadistic motorcycle gang leader, and (c) her own alcoholic father. Cheap production values and obvious first-timer acting only add to the sleazy atmosphere. Crack open a beer and enjoy!

Hardly “Citizen Kane”

As a director Charles Laughton made only one film, “The Night of the Hunter” and it’s one of the greatest films ever made. Just over 10 years later Jose G. Pietro directed his only film, “Shanty Tramp” and it’s … well, let’s just say it’s “Shanty Tramp”, (the title really does say it all). It’s a tale of sex, violence, race and religion but mostly sex and it will fit very nicely into any volume on trash movies. It is very cheaply made and very, very badly acted and yet you could say it was remarkably bold for its time. The hero is a young African-American, the villain, or at least one of them, a crooked preacher and it’s ‘heroine’, the shanty tramp of its title and I loved every sordid, glorious minute of it. As a first feature it was hardly “Citizen Kane”, (more like “Titties and Cane”), and as a piece of cheap exploitation it was hardly likely to bring Pietro to the attention of the major studios but neither is it negligible and it certainly deserves its cult status.

The nadir of the trashy exploitation genre

Set in some random town in the south, Emily the Shanty Tramp prowls from bar to barn looking for any kind of action she can get. Shanty Tramp is filled with the broadest spectrum of unsavory characters I’ve seen anywhere: a corrupt preacher, a drunk and abusive father, bumbling racist police officers, and a caricatured black mamma straight from the old Aunt Jemima bottle label. The only even slightly savory character in the film is a passion-addled black man who… well, better not spoil it, but let’s just say what the only even slightly virtuous character meets a tragic end. Shanty Tramp was a marvelously controversial movie from all angles, serving the same purient, voyeuristic “other people’s disasters” interests that Jerry Springer shows have today. Pink Flamingoes lacks the genuine, heartfelt sleaze that this film has in spades. I give this movie a 10 for unbelievably, shamelessly trashy cinematic excellence.