Merveilleuse Angélique (1965)

  • Year: 1965
  • Released: 07 Jul 1965
  • Country: France, Italy, West Germany
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  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: French
  • MPA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Adventure, History, Romance
  • Runtime: 105 min
  • Writer: Anne Golon, Serge Golon, Claude Brulé
  • Director: Bernard Borderie
  • Cast: Michèle Mercier, Claude Giraud, Jean Rochefort
  • Keywords: sequel, 17th century,

Merveilleuse Angélique Storyline

This is the second in the Angélique series. Picking up where the previous adventure ended, Angélique joins her childhood friend Nicolas and his band of bandits. But when tragedy hits, the beautiful and ever resourceful Angélique finds a way to move on. She rescues her children, becomes a successful businesswoman by running her own restaurant, and becomes entangled in politics. But where will her heart lead her next…?—L. Hamre

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Merveilleuse Angélique Movie Reviews

Confusing and not all that satisfying a followup film

In this first sequel to the 1964 film “Angélique”, it begins with the capture and death of one of the men responsible for the death of Angélique’s husband in the prior film. You see the monk die but oddly, instead of being happy, she is rather gloomy and petulant towards her rescuers–still making demands like she is STILL the marquise. Unfortunately for our heroine, the leader of the band of criminals (Nicolas) with which she lives is killed and she is without a protector.

Now, the film takes an odd turn. She is able to get her two young sons back but instead of going back to the underworld life, she goes into business with a local inn keeper–and they are very, very successful. However, apparently Angélique isn’t excessively bright, as she takes a trip to the palace using her new alias–even though in the last film the King’s brother tried to have her murdered. This doesn’t seem like the best place to go, huh? Angélique also meets up along with way with an odd man who is a wanted man for producing pamphlets that the King does not like. This part is played by the famous French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant and, like most French women in the 1960s, she fell in love with him. Later, with Jean-Louis’ help, she comes up with a plan for killing off 12 men (including the very wicked brother of the king) for the senseless murder of a boy and the burning of her business. However, almost as soon as this plot was created, she decides to call off her vendetta because the king made amends–even though her new lover has been killed and there wasn’t a whole lot they could do to bring him back! Now, she takes a new lover–the same cousin who she hated in the first film. Oddly, they have little chemistry between them and he seems like a jerk. And, when he should treat her well for being so good to him, he treats her like dirt.

At this point in the film, I really felt lost. Again and again, the film seemed to have a plot and again and again, the people involved died and the movie took an entirely different direction. Three different lovers, three different plots–and none of them seemed satisfying or consistent. In fact, although Angélique seemed smart at times, at others she was enigmatic and confusing. As a result, much of what I loved in the first film was no where to be found. It is definitely a step below the other film and hopefully I will enjoy the next one much more.


Well, I’m from central Europe and the Angelique-films have been a part of the life of everyone here, since the very beginning. The Slovak TV shows it every year and I can’t actually imagine not seeing it at least once a year 🙂 It is a perfect mixture of simple, yet great story,love, drama, adventure and history at the same time. Besides, dazzling costumes and settings, beautiful music of Michel Magne and great acting of all the cast (especially Michele Mercier, Robert Hossein and Jean-Louis Trintignant are brilliant) make all of these films a great pleasure to watch. So, when you need to escape from the grey reality, get these films and fly away to a place where courage,bravery and above all love were the heart and soul of everybody’s life. Maybe you’ll find there what is missing a bit in the world today…

The ultimate sentimental cloak and dagger story

How is it possible that no one before wrote a review of this movie and that only 11 persons voted on it? Maybe the predominantly American audience of IMDb is not much aware of French movies. French ladies (and especially young ladies!) and gentlemen, give your comments! The honor of France is at stake. The movies of the “Angelique” series are the ULTIMATE SENTIMENTAL CLOAK AND DAGGER STORY! A whole generation of French (and not only French!!) teenagers has swooned over these movies. So much adventure, splendid 17th century costumes, romantic love, faith and treason, it is all there! Of course the events often transgress the limits of what is credible, but who cares? Just don’t be ashamed of enjoying these movies! And, of course, Michèle Mercier is splendid as the incredibly seductive and courageous heroine “Angelique”.