Carry on Regardless (1961)

  • Year: 1961
  • Released: 06 Dec 1963
  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English, Swedish, Cantonese, French, German, Italian
  • MPA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Writer: Norman Hudis
  • Director: Gerald Thomas, Ralph Thomas
  • Cast: Sidney James, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey
  • Keywords: carry on,
41% – Critics
41% – Audience

Carry on Regardless Storyline

Down at the local labor exchange, everyone is moaning about the lack of decent jobs, unaware that nearby Bert Handy (Sid James) and his secretary Miss Cooling (Esma Cannon) are attempting to fill vacancies, at a new enterprise called Helping Hands. When word gets round, people are quick to visit the agency, notably Sam Twist (Kenneth Connor), Francis Courtenay (Kenneth Williams), Delia King (Liz Fraser), Gabriel Dimple (Charles Hawtrey), Lily Duveen (Joan Sims), Mike Weston (Bill Owen) and Montgomery Infield-Hopping (Terence Longdon).Bert decides to hire them all and at first business is slow. The only customer is a man who speaks gobbledygook but since Francis (who can speak 16 languages) isn’t present nobody can understand him, and he goes on his way. Within a few days business picks up and Delia has an assignment to try on a complete women’s wardrobe for Mr Delling, a gentleman who is planning a surprise for his wife. However, things get complicated when the man’s wife arrives home unexpectedly.Meanwhile Sam Twist is sent to a baby-sitting job, only to find that there isn’t a baby to be sat, instead there is Mrs Panting, a woman who needs to make her husband jealous, succeeding in the process with Sam getting a black eye. The following day, Francis is assigned to take a pet for a walk but when he gets to the owner’s house, he finds out it’s a chimpanzee. He takes the chimp for a walk and soon discovers that people who work in the transport industry have an aversion to apes. They eventually end up at a chimp’s tea party, enjoying a nice afternoon tea. Next is Lily Duveen, who has been employed at a wine tasting evening, to collect invitation cards from the attendees. After she has performed this task, she samples some of the wines and makes a bit of a spectacle of herself.Later a man from Amalgamated Scrap-Iron arrives in the Helping Hands office. He’s obviously busy as he requests that someone take his place in the queue, at the hospital outpatients department. Bert says he will get someone on the case, but the chap insists that the top man does the job himself, so Bert ends up queuing at the hospital where he is mistaken for an eminent diagnostician. The next job that Francis undertakes, is in the field of photography as a model. Obviously very chuffed that he has been chosen, he is crestfallen when he discovers that the job is an advertisement for a bee-keeper’s helmet. His next job is between a bickering couple. The husband can’t understand his wife, who continually berates him in her native German. Thanks to Francis getting a bit emotionally involved, the wife starts speaking English and the couple make up.Lefty Vincent (Freddie Mills), a boxing friend of Bert’s, pops into the office. He requires four helpers to act as seconds, for his fighter Dynamite Dan. When they get to the venue, Dan is terrified by his opponent, Mickey McGee, so pretends that he has sprained his finger. The fight is off until Gabriel takes on McGee instead.Sam is excited over his next job. He thinks he’s on a top-secret spying mission but due to a mix up all that is required of him is to make up a game of bridge. When Sam gets back, he learns that the whole of Helping Hands have been engaged to demonstrate exhibits at the Ideal House exhibition. Needless to say, all of the demonstrations end in calamity. Sam’s next job is at an exclusive men’s club, where no matter how hard he tries he can’t keep silent, which is a strict rule of the establishment.Miss Cooling decides on a new filing system, for a more streamlined operation and job cards are put in proper holes for each of the workers. Disaster strikes when the cleaner knocks the box down and puts the cards back all mixed up. Everyone gets someone else’s assignment, with misunderstandings all round. Finally, the gobbledygook man turns up again and this time Francis is there to translate. He is their landlord and has been trying to inform Bert that he will have to vacate the premises, because he’s had a better offer. Due to a show of unity by all the staff, the landlord agrees that they can stay, on the provision that they do something for him. His main interest is property development, and he needs a house cleared and cleaned. Unfortunately, the team end up demolishing the house but thankfully it turns out that it needed demolishing for a block of flats anyway, so all ends well.

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Carry on Regardless Movie Reviews

CARRY ON REGARDLESS (Gerald Thomas, 1961) **1/2

For their fifth venture, the usual “Carry On” suspects (Sidney James, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey. Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims and Hattie Jacques) are joined by other irregular members (Fenella Fielding, Liz Fraser, Esma Cannon, Terence Longdon, Bill Owen, David Lodge and Norman Rossington) and some surprising cameos (Stanley Unwin, Jerry Desmonde, Kynaston Reeves, Howard Marion Crawford and Patrick Cargill) in a frequently hilarious but ultimately patchy and disjointed romp.

James’ Bert Handy heads “Helping Hands”, a well-meaning but hopelessly incompetent firm providing any services the customer may require: and, so it is that James is asked by an eccentric millionaire to take his place in the queue at a hospital’s waiting room and is consequently mistaken for him and waited on by the matron (Jacques, naturally); Connor is in top form here: ostensibly hired as a babysitter, he finds himself acting as Fielding’s lover to arouse her neglectful husband, being a librarian driven to hysterics when attempting to observe a public library’s rule of silence, getting himself all wet when, completely misunderstanding a client’s request, he engages in some Hitchcockian espionage aboard a train full of sinister passengers, getting engulfed by the “Bed of the Century” when attending an Ideal Home exhibition and, best of all perhaps, going “cold turkey” after his sixth attempt to stop smoking; Sims also has a memorable bit when she ends up drunk at a wine-tasting event and makes a shambles of the place to the chagrin of organizer Crawford; Hawtrey goes into the ring against a massive opponent when, acting as his second, he inadvertently injures the challenger!; Williams enjoys a tea party with a group of chimps at the zoo, etc.

The finale shows Cannon’s infallible filing system going bonkers with each member of the group being sent out on the wrong assignment and, afterwards, the whole gang join forces in demolishing a dilapidated building…even if their original task was merely to clean it up a bit! In a notable appearance, celebrated comedian Stanley Unwin speaks his trademark nonsense language and drives the entire crew to distraction during his intermittent visits to their office…before multi-linguist Williams manages to explain that he is their landlord and is about to throw them out!

As one can make out, there are several funny bits in this film but it is also evident that its inherently episodic structure (which entails that some of the gang members are given precedence over others) fails to coalesce into a cohesive and completely satisfying whole.

Carry On Regardless – another classic

The film centred around The Helping Hands business is full of laughs.Favourite sketch is Sam Twist (Kenneth Connor) in the club as steward and is told not to make a sound.You can’t help but laugh as he gradually loses the plot when he sees an old man’s fly undone on his trousers,an old man falling asleep reading a book and an old man sleeping as his wig slips down over his face.Top notch.A film (like all Carry On films)that I never get sick of watching with all the early Carry On regulars present.Typlical Carry On gags and double-entendre with the campness of Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Williams always guaranteed to make me laugh.

In safe hands.

A bunch of out of work folk are delighted when several positions come onto the market at the Helping Hands Agency…

As most reviews attest to, this fifth Carry On film barely has a plot to get your hands on. Pic basically takes the seven members of the agency through a series of vignettes, the jobs they are assigned to do ranging from chimp walking to modelling underwear!

Each slot allows for some amiable comedic opportunity, the best of which finds Joan Sims getting sloshed at a wine tasting function, Charles Hawtrey landing in a boxing match with a hulking brute, Kenneth Connor involved in a 39 Steps parody, and all of the workers pitched into chaos during an Ideal Homes Exhibition. Back at the Helping Hands office Sid James and his secretary Esma Cannon are flummoxed by the continuous appearance of Stanley Unwin talking his gobbledygook, which all leads to the big finale as the whole cast get to have a grand old time of things. While as usual there’s fun to be had spotting the future stars of British TV and film who pop up in cameos.

Carry On Regardless finds the creators on safe and amiable ground. It’s no high point of the series but it’s good fun and lets some under valued comic actors work their respective charms. 7/10