The Girl in the Kremlin (1957)

  • Year: 1957
  • Released: 11 Apr 1957
  • Country: United States
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: Approved
  • Genre: Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery
  • Runtime: 81 min
  • Writer: DeWitt Bodeen, Gene L. Coon, Robert Hill
  • Director: Russell Birdwell
  • Cast: Lex Barker, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jeffrey Stone
  • Keywords: plastic surgery, double, psychotronic film, josef stalin,

The Girl in the Kremlin Storyline

In Moscow 1953, four terrified women prisoners are brought before Joseph Stalin, who chooses the beautiful Dasha. He punishes her by shaving off her long hair. Moments later, a plastic surgeon leads Stalin into the operating room and transforms his face so that he is unrecognizable.—Ulf Kjell Gür

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The Girl in the Kremlin Movie Reviews

Count Molda

In 1957 The Girl From The Kremlin was inflicted on the American movie going public just as the Red Scare was dying down and Joe McCarthy was dying. Just the fact that one of the stars is Zsa Zsa Gabor playing a dual role is enough to tell you this is a camp classic.

Zsa Zsa plays two roles, one as the nurse to none other than Joseph Stalin who faked his own death and had some plastic surgery done. He also absconds with a lot of rubles the better to have a comfortable retirement and maybe even get a plane ticket to Argentina where his old pact pal Hitler is rumored to be.

The nurse’s twin sister is worried about sis so she hires Lex Barker private detective and former OSS agent with a few behind the iron curtain contacts.

The gist of it is that some of the toadies in the Kremlin have gotten tired of Stalin’s paranoia and are getting more than restless. So Stalin decides to take a powder, maybe come back another day. Though I have to say Maurice Manson doesn’t look like he’s ready for a comeback as Stalin or his alias Count Molda. He looks like he’s enjoying being Count Molda as much as you can with several million people on the planet liking very much to wring your neck.

No one’s got any great enthusiasm for this project it looks like. Especially William Schallert playing Stalin’s long lost son Jacob. Schallert looks like he’s about to heave if he says one more word of the inane dialog.

The Girl In The Kremlin was directed by Russell Birdwell, noted right wing activist in Hollywood and pusher of the blacklist which was starting to crumble. Birdwell was a writer and a publicist and John Wayne made the colossal mistake of having Birdwell in charge of the publicity campaign to gain The Alamo some Oscars. It backfired in titanic fashion, the gist of the campaign was that you were some kind of subversive if you didn’t think The Alamo should win best picture.

This film is a cold war dinosaur, bad in spectacular fashion. It’s a real hoot.

Powerful Film

The first few minutes of this film emerge as one of the most exciting and moving in the history of film. After the haircut, turn off the movie and watch something else. However, don’t miss the first minutes of this film. A necessary addition to any collector’s library.

Strange Cold-War “B” Sadistic Tone…Images of Abuse, Missing Limbs, & Flogging

Well Known Right-Winger and Studio Publicist, Russell Birdwell, Assisting John Wayne Promoting “The Alamo”, Directed this Brutal Exploitation-Propaganda of those Evil Commies.

Dark Tone and Somber Throughout…

It Starts with a Lengthy Scene with Stalin Seated Puffing on a Pipe, Watching a Beautiful Brunette with Waist-Length Hair,

Undergoing a Shaved-Head Haircut. There is No Explanation.

Aside from the Obvious Pleasure of Stalin Getting His Kicks.

Next, it’s Off to the Plastic Surgeon for Uncle Joe who is about to Fake His Own Death and High-Tail, with Half of the Soviet Treasury.

Enter Zsa Zsa Gabor in a Dual Role, Searching for Her Identical Twin, Last Seen as Stalin’s Nurse in Moscow.

She Hires He-Man Lex Baxter, Ex-OSS and Now a Private Eye, to Find Her Sibling.

When Baxter Discovers that there are “Rumors” of Stalin’s Switcheroo, He Joins Zsa Zsa with the Added Bonus, no not Gabor, but a Hefty Down-Payment.

There’s Some Intrigue, and with the Help of a One-Armed Secret-Service Agent (Jeff Stone) and a Hiding-Out Son of Stalin (William Schallart) the Hunt is On.

Plenty of Action, Including a Brutal, Bloody Flogging of Baxter. One Gets the Impression that there are also some Deranged and Detached Minds Behind the Camera.

Intense, Low-Low Budget Movie that Delivers the Goods. However Critics and Fans seem to Loathe this Under-Ground Treasure of Sleazy Cinema from a By-Gone Era.

There’s a Lot More Here than Meets the Eye.

Say Hello and Good-Bye to America’s Little Friend During WWII, Uncle Joe Stalin…

Who Starved Millions of His Countrymen…Because He Could.

Worth a Watch.