Many Rivers to Cross (1955)

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During 1798, Bushrod Gentry (Robert Taylor) is a Kentucky trapper who travels from place to place, sometimes staying with settler families for a night or two before moving on. Being a handsome man he often breaks the hearts of the unmarried young daughters of his hosts and it always leads to proposals of marriage from the girls’ part. This causes Bushrod to quickly pack his gear, give the smitten girl his standard speech about why he cannot marry or settle down and depart in a hurry, leaving the girl in tears. But one day, after being saved from an Indian attack by young Scottish woman, Mary Stuart Cherne (Eleanor Parker), he takes shelter with her family until his injured arm can heal. Invariably, the girl falls for his charm and asks him to marry her. Bushrod gives her his standard speech and thinks he’s off the hook but stubborn Mary Stuart is not so easily dissuaded. This leads to lies, insinuations, evasive actions, hilarity, fist fights with her brothers, a shooting contest, broken promises and a shotgun wedding. Bushrod is determined to leave and he has a few tricks up his sleeve.—nufs68

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Many Rivers to Cross Movie Reviews

A light-hearted gem of a film!!!!

I watched this on TCM one night & my wife & I laughed so hard we almost fell off the couch!! This is one of those little movies that has something for everyone…comedy, action, a wonderful script, & characters that force you to like them. Robert Taylor was perfect as the footloose, frontier Romeo, & Eleanor Parker was never more beautiful & funny playing the love-sick woman who intends to “get her man” no matter what it takes…but make no mistake, she is no wimpy, sighing, helpless female…she really is “Steppin’ Woman”!!!! The title song is so catchy that you’ll have trouble not singing it for months afterward. Some of the dialogue is at one turn hilarious, then a few lines later, subtly humorous…a real scriptwriter’s dream. There is nothing to offend anyone but lots of things to delight everyone. A great family film!!!!

Charming and fun Western comedy with entertainment , amusement and a funny romance between Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker

The producers respectfully dedIcate this story to the frontier woman of America who helped their men settle the Kentucky wilderness . They were gallant and courageous and without their agressive cooperation few of us would be around to see this picture . During 1798 , handsome Bushrod Gentry (Robert Taylor) is a Kentucky backwoodsman who sometimes staying with settler families for a night or two before moving on , until he meets a beautiful girl . One day, after being attacked from an Indian raid carried out by the Shawnes , being saved by a young Scotish woman, Mary Stuart Cherne (Eleanor Parker) , as the mountain man takes shelter with her family (father played by Victor MacLagen and sons : John Hudson , Russ Tamblyn , Jeff Richards ..) until his broken arm can heal . Then , Mary falls for him and she wished to marry him , leading to an obstinate proposal of marriage . But trapper Gentry delivers his usual speech about why he cannot marry or settle down , using the standard insinuations, and evasive motives and shortly after , he departs in a hurry . But stubborn Mary Stuart is not so easily dissuaded. She’s the most impatient maiden in the virgin West…but he’s not the marrying kind…It’s an uproarious adventure!

Enjoyable Western comedy with action , shooting contests ,a shotgun wedding, broken promises , fist fights , a charming love story and thrilling Indian pursuits . This Kentucky adventure in CinemaScope results to be an extremely humorous and amusing romantic adventure through the American Frontier of 1798. This is a really spectacular and peculiar ¨Western¨version of Shakespeare’s comedy ¨Taming of the Shrew¨, but here changing roles . As a freelance trapper and an obsessive woman who will not let anything interfere with her plans to marry him . As in this one explorer Robert Taylor plays the ¨Shrew¨ and independient scoutman who frequently breaks the hearts of the unmarried young daughters , while Eleanor Parker performs the ¨Tamer¨ , obstinate woman to take him as husband and asks him to marry her . Scout Robert Taylor gives a sympathetic acting as a Kentucky trapper who travels from place to place , using a few tricks up his sleeve to follow as a single man .Taylor and Parker are at their best in the extraordinarily funny fights scenes , giving an attractive and brilliant pairing . They added their inner fire to their performances . Being 3º and last movie they performed get together , in fact they played lovers in all three movies . This really splendid couple standing out similar to Douglas Fairbanks/Mary Pickford in 1929 version of ¨Taming of the Shrew ¨and Richard Burton-Elizabeth Taylor 1967 version playing Petruchio and Katherine respectively . These boxoffice actors sent the interested moviegoers to the theatres in droves , as getting 300.00 dollars approx . at the cinemas . The film owes much of its impact to fizzing filmmaking and the dazzing color camerawork of John Seitz , being shot on location in Wyoming, Cloverdale, California , Russian River, Sonoma County, California, and Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios . As well as jolly and atmospheric musical score by Cryl Mockridge and uncredited Miklós Rózsa .

The flick was decent and professionally directed by Roy Rowland . Veteran MGM B director Roy Rowland ended his career with three cheap westerns co-produced with MGM and shot in Spain . The motion picture was professional but middlingly directed by Roy Rowland . Roy sharpened his directing chops at MGM with a series of shorts starting in the 1930s, then moved up to features in 1943 . Roy spent quite a bit of time at the studio, from 1943-51 and again from 1954-58 ; he had the good fortune to marry the niece of Louis B. Mayer and was the father of actor Steve Rowland . While not one of the studio’s top-rank directors , he was a good professional who had a considerable success . Most were B-movies, but he occasionally handled such A-graders . His greatest hit was , of course , the fantasy movie titled The 5000 fingers of Dr T (1953) . Rowland made an action picture for independent release based on a Mickey Spillane “Mike Hammer” novel starring Spillane himself (Girl hunters (1963)) . He specialized in a variety of genres, including musicals : ¡Viva Las Vegas! (1956) The seven hills of Rome (57) , Two weeks with love (50) and dramas : Our wines have tender grapes 45 with Edward G Robinson (1945). He was also responsible for the tough, fast-paced Rogue Cop (1954), one of the few MGM films that could be considered “film noir” . Roy was a Western expert , as the last film he made at MGM was this “B” western with Stewart Granger, Gun Glory (1957) ; besides , he filmed Outriders with Joel McCrea , Bugles in the afternoon with Ray Milland and Many rivers to cross with Robert Taylor ; after which and then he traveled to Europe for a string of Spanish/Italian-made westerns such as Los Pistoleros De Casa Grande and Ley Del Forastero . His final film as director was a somewhat cheesy pirate movie (he was uncredited ; his Italian co-director Sergio Bergonzelli got sole credit) called El Tigre De Los 7 Mares and its sequel : Tormenta Sobre el Pacífico (1966) . He was associate producer on Nathan Juran’s Spain-shot Western : Al Infierno, gringo (1969), after which he retired . Rating : 6/10 . Well worth watching

Family Favorite

This movie is one that I have watched (over the last forty years) with my mom and then later my daughter many times. It is one of our favorites. In it you will discover that Robert Taylor (best known for his beautiful face and romantic roles) has a flair for comedy and makes good use of a wonderful supporting cast.

Victor McLaughlin is himself (but that’s just fine by me), James Arness plays straight man and a young Alan Hale Jr. (before Gilligan’s Island) combine with the perennially juvenile antics of Russ Tamblin to provide and hour and a half plus of escapist entertainment and downright good old fashioned laughter.

The beautiful Eleanor Parker plays a tomboy like no other we’ve seen but that’s okay, too. This one’s for fun and for the trivia purists, too. There are many connections to television shows that some of the cast will appear in years later. See how many you can find. Hint…check out the director, etc.

The higher up the berry tree, the sweeter grow the berries, the more you hug and kiss a girl, the more they want to marry!